This is how the National and DIM teams move for the League-2

Being protagonists, that will always be the obligation of Nacional and Medellín in the League of Colombian football for the number of fans they represent and what they have built throughout their history.

Both are preparing to take on the League for the second semester that will start on the weekend of July 10 and, as time is short, they are moving to be able to reinforce their squad if required.

At Atlético Nacional, coach Hernán Darío Herrera is waiting for resolve your contractual situation to be able to refer to the subject. However, the Football Committee, in which he is included, would be thinking, as priorities, to reinforce the positions of right back, a central midfielder against the imminent departure of Baldomero Perlaza and a scoring striker.

Then they are waiting for the goalkeeper issue and possibly another winger.

For now, few names are known, but according to the Bogota press, the green has made inquiries about the Equity midfielder Joan Castro and, from Bolivia, they say that he has also asked about the Brazilian striker Francisco da Costa, a Bolívar player. peace. Da Costa is 27 years old and has 21 goals in 27 games.

The only confirmed departure it is that of Felipe Aguilar, who will have to return to Paranaense because he was on loan at the purslane institution. Also only the official confirmation of Baldomero Perlaza is missing. In addition, foreign clubs have shown interest in goalkeeper Kevin Mier and midfielder Jarlan Barrera.

According to the green managers, the intention is to keep these players, but if they reach the figures they ask for them, they would let them go.

Coach Herrera has said that no footballer should come out of the current squad, because they were the champions. “How are you going to tell a player who was a champion to go away?” he pointed out.


Little movement in the red

On the Medellin side, coach David González said he is satisfied with the payroll he received, but a central defender, an attacker and a winger would not dislike the scarlet team.

The president of the red institution, Daniel Ossa, stated that, for now, they are quiet. “David is happy with what the team has and we are going to use only 22 or 23 players. In that order of ideas, we have a competitive squad and ready to take on the second semester, unless we have a sudden departure and have to be replaced”.

For now, the only one who should return to the institution is Larry Angulo. “He must return for contractual issues, he is our player,” said the manager.

Sebastián Hernández, Edwar López and Miguel Camargo will not continue at the club. While the striker Díber Cambindo is in the process of being renewed.

For now, the only confirmed arrival at the institution is that of midfielder Christian Marrugowho already played in the red between 2014 and 2017




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