Devin Booker on the cover of NBA 2K23

While 2K seeks to create suspense around the cover of its new basketball game, sports journalists (source in English) have already leaked that Devin Booker will be on the cover of the next NBA 2K23. The information leaked while the Suns player would be very close to signing a contract extension with Phoenix. He therefore succeeds Luka Doncic for the normal coverage of NBA 2K22. Note that a different cover will be offered for the collector’s version of NBA 2K23, the first speculations evoke Michael Jordan.

Unfortunately for 2K, the surprise was spoiled by NBA news.

Devin Booker en cover de NBA 2K23

The young player of the Phoenix Suns continues his prominence in the NBA since he obtained a third selection at the All Star-Game at just 25 years old. However, his very good season ended prematurely with an exit in the 7th game of the second round of the Western Conference playoffs. A loss quite difficult to take when the Suns were among the favorites for the NBA title after obtaining the most wins in the regular season.

If some would have preferred to find Stephen Curry on the cover, after the title of MVP of the Finals (and All Star Game) obtained by the legendary rear of the Warriors, Take-Two continues to bet on future superstars.

A release date for NBA 2K23?

As of now, no official release date has been announced. However, the opuses of the NBA 2K franchise generally come out around beginning of septemberbetween the first and second week.

We are therefore awaiting more information from the studio on this subject, but the official presentation of the game should not delay any longer.

Devin Booker should therefore be on the cover of the new NBA 2k23, the basketball game will be released by the start of the school year. While waiting to be able to play the new opus, you can find all the information about NBA 2K22 on Gamosaurus.



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