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Girona loses, but already sits at the table of the greats (4-2)

by archysport

GIRONAGirona could have finished the day in sixth place, but there will be time. It is true that the defeat in Eibar (4-2) takes him away from the direct promotion, now at 11 points. This, however, is not the war he has to wage in the present. The finals are played at the end. What he has to do in this part of the course, and that is what he is doing, is to keep growing. It may seem insignificant, but even in defeat the improvement is palpable. You lose well, if there is any right way to lose well. With his head held high.

It was fun, the match. Girona put their courage into it, aware of their structural limitations in the form of casualties. But when you have a giant heart, as is the case, absences are secondary. The Girona team accepted the proposal with the help of a very strong local Eibar, on a rainy and cold night and also with great goals and intensity. A low shot from 30 meters by Javi Muñoz, in the play after a very clear chance by Stuani, advanced the locals. The response was immediate, with a penalty committed by Bernardo and executed in the Panenka style by the Uruguayan. Michel’s men did not curl up and kept the ball for many minutes, staying true to their identity. Stoichkov’s goal at the end of the break, when the Catalan team was better, in no case sank him. It only slightly altered his plans.

Those who have been to Ipurua visit know that the stadium is not friendly and that it will be their turn to have a bad time. The 2-1 invited Girona to continue with the same speech, the one that has already placed him, despite the defeat, at the table of the greats, and the play-off continues to three points when the League has not reached even half. In the second half, however, the white-and-reds were penalized too soon: Sergio Alvarez’s 3-1, after a play of strategy, was an impossible result to recover. Despite the dubious expulsion of Juncà, a shot from Bustos put uncertainty in it. Until the final goal of Tejero, of course.


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