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Van Hanegem baffled: ‘Then no millions, I would have flown home’

by archysport

Willem van Hanegem has followed the soap around Ronald Koeman with bewilderment. If De Kromme had been in the shoes of the FC Barcelona coach, he would have thanked for the honor for a long time, he writes in his weekly column.

At the moment, Koeman does not know whether he will still be responsible at Camp Nou next season. The talks with chairman Joan Laporta – who seems to prefer a different trainer – are ongoing, but it is still unclear which way things are going. On Friday, the soap took a remarkable turn: Laporta announced that Koeman had been hospitalized, but the representatives of the trainer denied this in all keys.

Van Hanegem followed the news with a shake of his head. ‘How they deal with Ronald Koeman there is almost unimaginable. To even suggest that his heart is not all right, ‘writes De Kromme. Van Hanegem understands that Koeman remains militant and does not leave of his own accord: the legendary former Feyenoord player, however, would have left long ago. ‘Then not millions, but I would never let people like that treat me like that. Certainly not if I had visibly helped the club progress again after a miserable period with all that whining about Messi. I had flown home and greetings. ‘


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