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Börse Express – RYU Apparel Inc. pays tribute to the iconic “Lion Speech” by Christopher Walken with an inspirational video

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Vancouver, British Columbia – 22. April 2021 RYU Apparel Inc. (TSXV: RYU, OTCQB: RYPPF, FWB: RYAA) („RYU” or that “Companies“), the developer of award-winning urban sportswear, is proud to present its latest “inspiration video” with the voice of legendary actor Christopher Walken. The video shows the iconic “Lion Speech from the revolutionary independent movie “Pool Hall Junkies“From 2002, featured as a hype video for during the 2016 NBA Playoffs Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers caused a sensation and fueled arguably the biggest comeback in NBA history against the Golden State Warriors. The speech caused a stir again on January 4, 2020 when Tom Brady was preparing for his last game as New England Patriot. He cut HIS hype video to this now iconic address (Brady’s video with his “Lion Speech“Was viewed by more than nine million people in less than five days on Twitter alone).

Now the famous speech is brought to the curtain once more – in cooperation with Branded Entertainment Inc. (BEI) and as a prelude to episode 4 of “The Count”, a new streaming series produced by BEI, which is a modern retelling of the classic “The Count of Monte Cristo” and which, according to insiders, may have Christopher Walken as a guest will occur. RYU intends to use the speech as a motivational message for its own company. The video is posted by the company on the e-commerce platform Shopify (TSX: SHOP) or on various social media and advertising platforms such as Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and also used in connection with influencers and marketing partners.

In connection with the publication of the video, RYU offers customers the opportunity to give away a “gesture of respect” (“Gift of Respect“) – in the form of characteristic articles and experiences from the RESPECT brand, such as t-shirts and hats, or meetings with famous personalities such as the Vancouver Canucks Alumni or the NFL Alumni Academy, or maybe even a guest appearance on” The Count “. More information on this unique campaign will be published shortly.

Here you can find the “Lion Speech” look at: https://ryu.ca/pages/ryu-lion-speech

Cesare phasing, CEO of RYU, who has a guest appearance in episode 4 and will play himself as CEO of RYU, says: “This is a really exciting marketing opportunity for RYU. When I heard the speech for the first time, I got goosebumps, and even if we all have different origins and a different lifestyle, I hope that with this speech we can convey positive impulses to our customers on their daily life – especially in this challenging time for our world! ”

“We’re all really excited!” Says Oscar winner Jonathan Sanger, who is at AT held the role of CEO (The Elephant Man, Vanilla Sky, Mission Impossible 2). “We believe that people are particularly in need of inspiration at this time – and what could be more inspiring than Christopher Walken’s iconic ‘Lion Speech‘? “This speech has become the most cited speech of this generation.”

On the occasion of the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., a ‘Sneak Preview’ of the first three episodes of “The Count” was shown on FITE TV on November 28th. BEI will announce when Episode 4 will be available for streaming.

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You can watch the trailer here: https://thecount.beivip.us/

About RYU Apparel

RYU Apparel (TSXV: RYU, OTCQB: RYPPF, FWB: RYAA) oder Respect Your Universe is an award-winning urban sportswear and accessories brand built for fitness, performance and lifestyle. Developed without compromising fit, comfort and durability – RYU increases human performance.

Further information can be found on the RYU website at: http://ryu.com

Branded Entertainment Inc. is an innovative branding and production company created by the the one with one Oscar winning producer Jonathan Sanger was founded. His unique approach to film and television production involves BEI’s product and brand partners directly in the ‘narrative process’ of the films and television programs they produce (successful examples here include Plane Tequila in the HBO hit series ‘Entourage’ and BMW in Sanger’s hit series ‘Mission Impossible’).

In addition to product and branding, BEI is also a leader in decentralized content distribution. The company offers numerous platforms the opportunity to distribute BEI content directly to its huge user base.

Cesare phasing

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U.S. Investor Relations

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