On Monday, Governor John Carney answered questions about the Delaware coronavirus response from reporter Meredith Newman, live on Facebook.

Diary of Delaware

For years, John and Dawn Witte have traveled three minutes down the road to Bogey’s Bar & Grille every Friday evening.

They sat on the edge of the bar and talked about plans for the future. One night, including the possibility of owning the club house bar where the Wittes were sitting.

“My wife, who is a restaurant professional, would say” Oh, we should buy this place and we could do this, this and this, “said John Witte.

Now that informal conversation is becoming reality.

In June, the Wittes plan to reopen the former Vandegrift golf course, a nine-hole executive course in Middletown with a bar club.

The 49 acres of Bayview Road hosted Bogey’s Bar & Grille for nearly a decade before closing last year. John Witte said they will rename it while Mulligan the bar and Mulligan the restaurant.

“The response to our concept has been overwhelming at the moment,” he said. “It’s not just coronavirus stuff like,” We want to get out of the house and have fun. “People don’t have much to do in this part of the city.”

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John Witte said there was a banquet hall, but they converted it into a full-service restaurant separate from the bar. John Witte said that families may not like the idea of ​​taking children to a bar to eat, so he wanted to create a family atmosphere.

“You will be able to have a meal not in a bar setting,” he said. “The icing on the cake is that we will open for breakfast at 7:00. It won’t open only at 16:00. For drinks and dinner. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

As someone who has lived in the west of the city for years, he has noticed that there is no place in that area to have breakfast.

He described the restaurant as modern and upscale with a price that makes people feel they can visit regularly.

Restoration of the golf course

John Witte said that the previous owners closed the golf course years ago, so they stopped keeping the land.

“The greens are dead. There are no greens on the greens, “he said, laughing.

After signing the lease in December, he started trying to figure out how to bring the greens back to life. Repairing sprinklers comes first. The greens are expected to be in game conditions within the next year.

For the first year, he acknowledges, he will not be in excellent condition, but as a nine-hole course, he said it is excellent for novice players and casual games.

“What I’m listening to are some of the novice people with the game, maybe they just bought clubs and don’t want to play on a real field,” he said. “They just want to play on nine holes to practice. Or maybe some people just want to go play nine holes and have a beer afterwards. “

There are seven par 3 and two par 4 holes. Eighteen holes will be free for Fairways of Vandegrift residents and will cost $ 5 for non-residents.

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Opening plans of the day moved by the coronavirus

The Wittes planned to open the golf course, bar and restaurant on May 1st. The coronavirus blocked the possibility when nonessential businesses were closed on March 24 and meals only had to move to take away.

Governor John Carney has not said when business will return to normal, but the Witt are planning an opening on June 1st.

John Witte said he has looked at websites that predict when the coronavirus curve will flatten out and expects Delaware to arrive by June 1.

“Our plan is to be ready on June 1st, and then when the governor says we can be open, that’s when we will open,” he said.

Mulligan and the golf course are located at 631 Bayview Road, Middletown, east of Route 1.

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