Hertha BSC: Sponsorship deal burst due to chaos around Jürgen Klinsmann – Bundesliga

    The Hertha hammer!

    After coach Jürgen Klinsmann (55) left, the press conference at the Bundesliga club was clear.

    Major investor Lars Windhorst (43) in particular was disappointed with the “abrupt” resignation of the former national coach. Not only for sporting reasons, but also from an economic perspective.

    Windhorst: “The first few weeks showed how he got involved with energy. We were close to getting new sponsors because of him, so it’s all the more regrettable how it ended. ”

    And further: “We quickly noticed that the name was particularly attractive to sponsors.” Was Hertha facing a large sponsorship deal? At least Windhorst suggests something like that at the press conference.

    Hertha can still use money well. Because the goals of the club are high – apart from this season. First of all, the relegation should succeed. Then there is only one direction left: upwards!

    Windhorst: “Next year the goal is Europe. In the long term, we want to establish ourselves there. I firmly believe that you have to set goals and be measured against goals. “

    Before that there was a settlement with Klinsmann. Windhorst: “I very much regret that Jürgen Klinsmann left us very abruptly. Due to the way he said goodbye, it is inconceivable to work with Klinsmann on the Supervisory Board. Unfortunately, the way of leaving is unacceptable. As a result, he lost a lot of his credibility. ”

    Manager Michael Preetz (52): “For us, the statement came out of the blue. I’ve seen a lot in football, but that was totally new to me on Tuesday morning. We didn’t have a chance to exchange ideas. Responsibility also includes looking for a mutual discussion. That didn’t happen. We were caught cold. “


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