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Anatoly Golyshev actively tried to throw the puck today in honor of the birth of his third son, and he did it!

Anatoly Golyshev actively tried to throw the puck today in honor of the birth of his third son, and he did it!

A photo: HC “Motorist”

Today, Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist for the second time this season met with Ufa Salavat Yulaev, who knocked out Avto from the second round of the playoffs last season. The first meeting of the teams took place at the start of the season, and then the Yekaterinburg team beat Ufa team dry.

A match between teams with such masterful goalkeepers as Yakub Kovarzh and Juha Metsola is always an intrigue, and field players have to give all the best than usual. So it is not surprising that in the first period neither the hosts nor the guests were able to print the opponent’s goal. Although, judging by statistics, Avtomobilist significantly threw Ufa residents and played more actively on the nickle.

Already at the beginning of the second period, the activity of the hosts paid off: Denis Bodrov cleverly outplayed two field “SJs” and put the puck under the crossbar with a powerful throw, chalking up his first goal this season. 1-0!

Denis Bodrov opens the scoring

Goalkeeper strength tests continued. Kovarzh remained more reliable, while Avtomobilist meanwhile secured his advantage.

In the 12th minute of the period, Georgy Belousov broke through to the goal and already at the nickel gave a pass to Pavel Datsyuk, who sent the puck into the net. Another proof that the Datsyuk-Belousov tandem has developed perfectly. This is how this washer was abandoned.

A bunch of Datsyuk – Belousov increases the separation of the hosts

In the third period, “Salavat Yulaev” burst in with a clear intention to recoup. Whenever possible, the guests transferred the game to the attack zone and in the sixth minute they were still able to send the puck into the goal of Kovarzh.

The coaching staff of Avtomobilist took a request for a video review of the moment for interference with the goalkeeper, but the judges did not see any violations. Goal counted.

After a conceded goal, Avtomobilist hockey players became nervous and made two deletions in a row. Moser and Tryamkin got into the box, the Yekaterinburg team remained three against five Ufa residents who were eager to equalize.

These almost two minutes in such unequal compositions were intense. Kovarzh did his best to defend the goal, which at some point the field players demolished along with the goalkeeper. As a result, Avtomobilist survived in the minority of three, but then received another deletion, and the most offensive in hockey: deletion for violation of the numerical strength. And the hosts could not cope with this minority, “SJ” equalized the score ten minutes before the end of regular time.

When six minutes were left until the end of the match, the Yekaterinburg players were fined again. In a difficult situation, the team was saved by Anatoly Golyshev, who this week at the age of 24 became the father for the third time. The whole match he tried to score a goal, and he finally succeeded. In the minority, he outplayed Metsola, having thrown a puck so important for Avtomobilist.

Anatoly Golyshev saves the team

“Salavat Yulaev” took a request to view the moment to determine whether the goal was scored according to the rules. The judges counted the goal, which became “Motorist” victory in this match. After that, another puck flew into the empty net of the guests, the goal was Artyom Gareev, who corrected the puck sent by Datsyuk.

The final score is 4: 2. Yekaterinburgers hold fourth place in the standings of the Eastern Conference.

Gareev corrects an empty net


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