PSG: “We have to keep Edi” Cavani, insists Thiago Silva

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If he pouted Sunday evening after the draw (3-3) conceded by the Parisians at the Parc des Princes, Thiago Silva was a happy captain Wednesday January 15 at the end of the victory without sharing (4- 1) on Monaco in Ligue 1, gleaned by PSG at the Louis-II stadium.

Three days after the draw at the Parc, has Paris perfected things in Monaco?

THIAGO SILVA. Above all, I think we had a great team reaction. We fixed what didn’t work on Sunday and we managed the match well. We are aware of not having played very well at the Park. There it was different, we led and controlled. Unfortunately, we take this goal on a free kick. But we displayed a very good state of mind, we must keep this mentality.

One has the impression that it would take opponents like these every weekend for PSG…

It is true that this Monaco team gave us extra motivation. They play well, are motivated by the arrival of their new coach and played a high level match at the Park. We tried to keep this state of mind. We controlled better than at the Park, not taken against. We are happy.

We still saw an inspired Neymar…

Ney is good, he is very motivated. But like Kylian (Mbappé), Icardi and Di Maria, who was great and did a lot of work. Even though he didn’t score, he was in the game and gave everything for the team. This guy works too much! We behind, we get a lot of balloons. But with the counter-pressing of the four fronts, it’s easier. We didn’t do it well at the Park, but we digested it all and the coach gave us all the information we needed to make a different match in Monaco.

You who know Neymar well, do you find him different lately?

Ney, it’s the same as it always has been. But when things go well, he scores and assists, people think he has changed. But, for me, nothing has changed. What makes us feel good on the pitch and makes the team feel good is that everyone is aware of what they have to do. When the four in front make the efforts as they have been doing lately, it is difficult for all our opponents. Even if they are four offensive players, they close the spaces. We don’t ask them to do the work of Gana (Gueye) and Tanguy (Kouassi). But just counter-pressing like they did. In this area, Sunday we were not at the highest level, in Monaco, we were.

As a defender, what do you think of this offensive tactic?

I really like this system. After the game at the Park, people said that 4-4-2 was not the right plan. On paper, it is indeed a 4-4-2, but when you enter the field, it is no longer one. Guys play everywhere. Neymar and Di Maria go on incredible journeys, go inside, Colin (Dagba) or Thomas (Meunier) take the outside… In this system, the players give everything. And again, when everyone makes the effort together, it’s complicated for the opposing team.

Cavani was absent in Monaco. Do you hope to see him finish the season at PSG?

I think Leonardo has already talked about this. For a team like PSG which has big goals this season, I think we have to keep Edi. He remains our Matador. Unfortunately, he is coming back from a major injury and when he feels a little discomfort, it scares him a little. That slightly dampens his confidence, but we, in the group and in the staff, we always trust him. He’s a very special boy for the club. I hope it will stay until the end.

How about your personal situation?

Five months left until the end (Editor’s note: of his contract). We’ll see after.

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