New case of athlete who dies as a result of a sudden heart attack. In this case it is the 26-year-old José Antonio Pineda Esquivel, coach and former player of the CAB Estepona.

According to the newspaper Sur de Málaga, Pineda was playing a football game in the field of San Fernando de Estepona when he suffered a heart attack. Although he received the first assists on the same pitch and was later transferred by ambulance to a hospital, he finally died last morning.

Pineda was well known in the town of Costa del Sol and very dear in the family of the CAB Estepona, because he worked with several basic teams.

Malaga’s basketball will keep a duel a minute of silence in all the courts of the province before the dispute of the matches of the next day of the federated competition (January 24, 25 and 26), in memory of José Antonio Pineda Esquivel.


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