Seen from Paris, it will be the deal of the century, seen from Milan, an Italian robbery. The probability that Mauro Icardi will be a PSG player next season is close to certainty, after just over four brilliant months and 17 goals scored in 19 appearances.

In recent weeks, communication from Wanda Nara, the player’s wife and agent, has suggested that everything was not so simple and that the player would have the last word. “The decision is hers, but there is nothing certain,” she said. We’ll see. “

Football and human relations obviously mean that a transfer is usually made when all the stakeholders are on the same wavelength, which remains the option preferred by all the protagonists. Only, in the eyes of PSG, it is the club of the capital which is now the decision maker on the contractual level.

The Argentinian “virtually” under contract until 2024

Between September 1 and 2, in an end to the transfer window, the sports director Leonardo and the leaders of Inter Milan agreed on a loan with option to buy at 70 million euros ( M €), while Icardi was in conflict with his club and dismissed for several weeks. In the early afternoon, this September 2, Wanda Nara and agent Gabriele Giuffruda arrived at the club’s headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt to negotiate the contractual aspect between the player and PSG.

Paris and the star’s entourage agreed on the salary for the first season, but also on that of the optional four years, which took several hours. No clause comes to alter this process, very traditional within the framework of a loan with option to buy. The Argentine goleador is therefore already “virtually” under contract until 2024, provided that Paris “presses the button”.

VIDEO. “Icardi could be the robbery of the century”

There is no longer any doubt, given the performance and the windfall that this opportunity represents on the transfer market. At € 70 million, the 26-year-old player represents an unbeatable value for money in Europe. It now remains to define the timetable to make Mauro Icardi an officially Parisian player. The option to purchase loan includes a deadline, which remains secret to this day, to exercise this right. PSG sees no reason to rush. The window of the January transfer window that allows players to be registered could represent an option, but the trend among Parisian leaders is rather not to put the Icardi file on the table this winter.

“If I have the opportunity to stay, it is certain that I will be happy”

Administrative constraints could push PSG to wait until the end of the season to complete the transfer. This calendar coincides with that formulated this week by Mauro Icardi: “We haven’t talked about anything yet, […] but it is certain that in May, when we are finished, we will sit around a table to talk. And if I have the opportunity to stay, it is sure that I will be happy. “

The idea is that, by then, the Argentinian continues on the same rhythm, and that he and his family will flourish in the capital with the desire to put their luggage there for the years to come. The conviction of PSG is made: the successor of Edinson Cavani, free in June, is already evolving in his ranks and is called Mauro Icardi.


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