“So far, all I’ve seen from Valais is these offices. I am delighted to discover the grounds. ”Barely entered the room when Ricardo Dionisio made a point of relaxing the atmosphere. Not entirely impressed by the situation, the new coach of FC Sion was able to drop his first words to the press in his new uniform, early Friday afternoon at Riddes.

Obviously very happy to have been chosen to take over the reins of the Valais team, the Portuguese made no secret of having jumped on the first plane since Lisbon when he received the phone call from Christian Constantin. “In just 24 hours, I was convinced. I had no thoughts, no hesitation. Sion is one of the biggest clubs in Switzerland. This is a big challenge for me and … I love challenges! “

“Create our own identity”

Words that take on a whole new meaning when we know that Ricardo Dionisio has passed through the four biggest Portuguese clubs, as a physical trainer. “I learned a lot from it. You know, I was a very average player, so I turned to coaching. Failing to have a bench immediately, I had the opportunity to learn from the best. They all left me a legacy, given certain keys, which I am trying to put into practice today. “

And the Portuguese do not take offense at the inherent risks associated with the post of coach of FC Sion. “There are problems everywhere. We solve it and others arise. This is how. I try not to dwell on the negative circumstances. And if there are problems in Sion, there are also incredible things there, players of a very good level. “

What youthful style did he advocate at Tourbillon? The same as the one he successfully set up at Stade Nyonnais. “The idea is to put maximum intensity with the ball. Take advantage of possession, find good transitions. And above all to be aggressive with recovery. It’s important that we create our own identity. ”

“Then the trouble came …”

The new strong man of FC Sion obviously did not escape questions about his contractual situation, vis-à-vis a Stade Nyonnais who does not intend to let him go so easily. “The most important thing to say is that all Nyonnais contributed to my joining Sion today. I benefit from the great work of the managers, the staff and, above all, the players. When I left, I warned everyone, it was okay for anyone. Then the trouble came … It’s unfortunate. The fact remains that today I’m from Sedun. There is no doubt about it. For me, the situation is resolved. ”

“I spoke with the general manager of the stadium, Varujan Symonov,” said Christian Constantin. He imagines amounts of Champions League. We’re not going to get into this game. Anyway, I know he has already congratulated Ricardo for his engagement with us. “At 3:00 pm, the newcomer will lead his first training. “I want the players to feel good, without stress, without pressure. I’ve had a very positive feeling so far. ”

Florian Vaney, Riddes

Created: 03.01.2020, 14h37


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