Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has admitted that his team has been quite criticized and questioned following recent results.

It has been a difficult month for the blues; home defeats for the first time since 2011 and their first place in the standings has been questioned after losing many points.

But on the way, Frank Lampard’s team was successful, and they did it again in North London on Sunday afternoon by beating Arsenal in the Premier League.

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Chelsea have not been at their best against Arsenal, but have shown character to recover the result, which they have not been able to do throughout the season. Getty Images

A turning point after failing in the Emirates, something Chelsea has not been able to do this season. It was the first time they had managed to earn a point in the Premier League from a losing position.

But Lampard admitted that he was impressed by his team’s reaction in the second half, but he reflected on Chelsea’s defeat against Everton and the locker room scenes during the interval.

“The response in the second half was all I wanted,” Lampard said, turning the score to the Emirates.

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Jorginho [left] and Tammy Abraham [right] celebrate full time having both obtained the report in the emirates.Getty Images

“We have been rightly questioned recently. Everton away would be a good team, a team to which the new manager has breathed his life and we have not reacted and he was calm after that match in the dressing room and I did not like that, and some of the our home games recently were missing something.

“This isn’t a turning point, it’s just a turning point if we show it going forward, but we have shown that we can give it a try and win a game differently.”

There is no rest for Chelsea as they have a brief turnaround to catch up and prepare for New Year’s Eve trip on the south coast to face Brighton and Hove Albion.


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