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Sam saves Darnold confirmation of speech 'Adam Fire Ships & # 39;


This was not a win that forced the Jets to carry Adam Gase on their shoulders on the way that the Super Bowl Superintendent XX Bill Bill Parcells was transported in Tampa. He did not compel the late Leon Hess spike The Duke at the Wellington Sea legs that did not exist somewhere in the reign of Green-and-White.

But Jets 34, Giants 27 had a remarkable development when Sam Darnold slowly turned his back and at the same time gave a message of hope that Adam Gase could develop it in the expected quarter-quarter quarter. the right to vote.

And later so remarkably later at his locker, after Darnold played an error-free game and took ownership of his contribution and he pointed out a decisive fourth quarter reversal, Darnold pointed out the Fire Gas movement flames. no uncertain.

“I think it's definitely important to keep a head coach,” said Darnold with An Post. “I can't make decisions like that.”

Except as the Musicians crown jewel, his vote has a lot of weight. “I know that it does, but at the same time, it is out of my power.

“But I love to see it.

“He's a leading coach, he's a great boy, and we get on very well.”

The gase will not stand on any float through the Canyon of Heroes at any time soon, but for a change he did not come to the fan base, Pat Shurmur, a man of six hands was straight.

But Gase franchise quarters suggested to him that he stood high in the wake of the epic disaster in Miami and the fury dancing from Jets fans who wanted him just anywhere on his line.

“It's amazing. … There is nothing, ”said Darnold. “I think it's a violation of the whole team. When you got a head coach who is just going on to work no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what people are about, it is a very good thing. "

It is not very good that people were saying what they were saying about it, but Darnold can save his main coach if he takes a flight from this place.

“I was kinda in the huddle kinda quiet in today,” said Leosón Bell. “Sam kinda controlled the huddle. That's great, that's great for us. I am glad that he is able to do that, I am glad that I was doing so, so he will not continue to grow from now on. ”

Darnold's two-yard commander gave the next efficient drive and a 23-yard landing pass to Jamison Crowder led an early 14-0 lead for the Jets.

“I felt there was silence,” said Gase. “I think it was really as long as only kinda saw the game today.”

Adam Gase (l) and Sam Darnold
Adam Gase (l) and Sam DarnoldCharles Wenzelberg / New York Post

But Daniel Jones could throw six bags behind his offensive lines to pass four passes, and while Jamal Adams met the ball from his hands and exceeded 25 yards on the third quarter score, Giants 27, Jets 21 late in the third quarter when Darnold succeeded 24 yards to set a field goal.

“He made great decisions today,” said Bell.

Darnold had applied for Vyncint Smith who had widely opened a flask early in the second quarter, but now it is the win.

“I was really under control,” Darnold said.

Remember, he had spent eight interventions in the previous three weeks.

He met Crowder for 24 yards and then got 33 yards on a deep shot for Robby Anderson who pulled DeAndre Baker's intrusion penalty which was founded by TD 1-yard Bell who gave the lead to the Jets early in the fourth quarter.

“I said to our prayers, change Do not change,” says Darnold. “Due to the fact that the fourth quarter teams, or players in general, are making a big difference and want to do too much.” T

On his next possession, he finally struck a rookie with Trevon Wesco on the third and 1 from 16 for 15 yards before reaching Demaryius Thomas on arrest and running 47 yard plots which set up another Sam Ficken goal.

“I tell myself that I will feel calm,” said Darnold. “I was very favorable. And when I tell the other guys to make peace, it also stands for me. ”
He nodded Jets fans down down for at least a few hours.

“We certainly wanted that one,” said Darnold. “Rights blocked for a while.”

I asked him whether he feels he turned a corner.

“I think this team did,” said Darnold. “We still had a chance. If we get a roll here and we get out, we got a chance at the play games. ”

No one had the heart this day to break his pipe dream.



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