Montcenis wins derby against J.O.Creusot

It was cold, the ground was just as fat, the diggers had come on the hill with no substitute but had won the round. There, almost the same conditions, Benjamin Aubry, the coach jociste, put on his crampons to finish the match, but the comparison is flagrant. Except, small detail, the result!
Montcenis lined up a fresh-legged, winning team at Chagny at one of the favorites. The reservists have come to Montcenis with a reworked training, many went to Chevigny with the group A to overcome absences, but this should not be an excuse, as we have said, on the same conditions (the diggers had even played 1 period to 10 players) the teammates of Mohamed Maziz, the dungeon captain, had last season won 2 to 0.

A game was made difficult by heavy ground and made it clear that neither team wanted to take any risks, to see the responsibility of the game. The visitors were more dangerous, often on distant shots (6th mm Maxime Bretin, 20th mm Filipe Leal) without Montcenis really reacting. We were waiting for the break when Nelson Marciniak, the winger from Monticinois, on his right flank, took back the defense of the Crucotine and cheated Francisco "Chico" Veloso. 1 to 0 for Montcenis, 45th mm.
We always talk about taking a goal before half-time is difficult, sincerely, conceding a goal 30 seconds from the end of the match is even more, so we'll just say that this goal gave more courage to visitors when they went back to the field. The "JOC" will even score a goal in the 60th mm, but denied for offside.
We felt the scenario, the Monticinois were on the lookout, waiting for their moment to carry the fatal stunt that would decide the game. It arrived, as expected, in the 70th mm, following a beautiful center of Anthony Da Silva, "Chico" Veloso is a little short, the fox surfaces, Gilles Grenier had to push the ball into the cage empty. 2 to 0. Before entering the game, the coach fondue, Benjamin Aubry, announced his goal, which will come, on penalty, in the 80th mm (2-1 for Montcenis). He maintained his prediction.
The score remained there, Montcenis is positively in this league much higher than last year. On the side "JOC", the years are following, but is not the same, except perhaps for the classification.

In Montcenis, Montcenis beats the Olympique Creusot 2-1

Benjamin Aubry, coach and player of the JO Creusot : "We were expecting a complicated match because of our very poor team. We suffered even if in the first half we responded well, this goal just before the break hurts us. Their second goal follows a defensive mistake, it's sad. I will remember that the team did not let go anyway. "
Jean Claude Goujon, coach of Montcenis "We take the 3 points, that was our goal. Without really playing well today, the field was difficult, we win all the same. We did not reproduce our match in Chagny but thanks to this victory we pass in the good side of the classification. "

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