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Three Wildcats placed in the All-Time All America team

For years, Kansas State fans have known Darren Sproles, David Allen and Terence Newman were three of the best players in the history of the Big 12 conference. Wednesday, Sproles, Allen and Newman were also among the best players in the history of college football.

Sproles was selected as a versatile player with honorable mention, Allen was selected as a return kicker of distinction with honorable mention, and Newman was the cornerback with honorable mention from the All-Time All-American team of the first 150 years of college football, CBS Sports announced Wednesday.

CBS Sports Colleges football writers have examined every American to play college football. University football began in 1869.

"The task: choose an All-Time All-American team from the first 150 years of college football. Level of difficulty: almost impossible, "wrote Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports. "Nevertheless, our team of football writers from CBS Sports College wrote a pencil – and / or keyboard on the keyboard – for the job to be done."

Sproles ranks third in the history of Big 12 with 4,979 rushing yards, and he added 846 yards on the return, 609 for the receivers and 378 yards on the return in his four-year career between 2001 and 2004.

His 6,812 multi-purpose yards are ranked 19th in NCAA history and eighth in Clemson's Clemson category 5. C.J. Spiller (7,588), West Virginia Austin Tavern (7,284), Texan Ricky Williams (7,206), Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah (7,186), Stanford's Christian McCaffrey (6,987), Darrin Nelson of Stanford (6,885) and Kevin Faulk of LSU (6,833).

The 2,735 versatile Sproles yards in 2003 rank fourth in the history of the Big 12.

His 351-yard total against Louisiana on September 18, 2004 was the all-time record of the school in one game.

Sproles finished fifth in the 2003 Heisman Trophy, third in the Associated Press Player of the Year vote, and became the first offensive player in K-State history to win All-American honors of the first team. Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and College Football News each have the honor.

Sproles put an end to his argument, which is too small, to rest well before having accumulated 235 yards for Oklahoma in the 2003 Big 12 title match, with the highest number of yards in the race contested by Sooners in 109 years. Among the images that the country observing university football would remember the Wildcats' 35-7 victory over the Sooners was the way Sproles took flight, immediately under the influence of the American cornerback. Derrick Strait, and ran on ground of 55 meters.

"We have a blitz and hit it about five meters deep in the backfield," said the Oklahoma coach. Bob Stoops said, "and he passes 60 meters through the plating."

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After K-State coach Bill Snyder had no reservations to assert the stock of Sproles in front of a national television audience.

"Do you have a vote for Heisman?" Snyder asked the ABC sideline reporter Jack Arute. "If you do, do not forget Darren Sproleswho is the leader in the country and you see why. If the people of Heisman saw it, they would see what I'm talking about. "

More than four months after Sproles' record performance sent a further exclamation on the Big 12 Championship match, Snyder did not hesitate to express the value of the All-American.

"There are a lot of good players," Snyder said. "It's probably as good as you would find to do what he does. It's a common word in the Midwest and a good part of the country. That's why having that kind of success and the way you respond to it really defines a person's character and value system. He reacted so terribly because he did not change an inch. "

Allen, one of the biggest punt kickers in the history of college football, once returned a punting kick for a touchdown in three consecutive games, an NCAA record.

K-State's All-American Consensus returned seven free-kicks for touchdowns during his career. Nobody had ever come back anymore. It was stunning.

Allen, a 5-foot-9, 200-pound native of Liberty, has spent his career swallowing up all the obstacles and making this return to normal one of the most exciting moments in college football.

"If this first one is doing well," said Allen, "then I feel they will all be well."

After returning to play 70 yards for a touchdown against Kansas in 1997, Allen really started at the beginning of the 1998 season by returning a direct kick for a touchdown against Indiana State, northern Illinois and Texas in the space of three weeks. He also had the longest punt return from school history with 94 yards against Iowa State in 1999 and amassed 74 yards in Texas – going home twice in two seasons against Longhorns.

Interestingly, his first punt return for a touchdown in 1998 – a 63-yard return touchdown in a 66-0 win over Indiana State in the 1998 season's first game at KSU – was also the shortest touched back that he recorded in his match. university career.

Allen said, "Everyone has this nervousness, but once they're gone, the ball is in your court and you can do whatever you want from there."

And he did exactly that.

"The most important thing?" Said Allen. "I do not think I'm scared. No matter where the ball is, I want to catch each punt. Whenever I take a ball, I want to score with it. "

Indiana's first touchdown with a return to the clear punt of the 1998 season naturally led to bigger things.

Texas led K-State 14-9 midway through the third quarter in 1999, when Texas punter Ryan Long unthinkably unthinkable: Trying to push the ball out of bounds, he instead pushed back the ball to Allen.

Allen lined up the ball on the 26-yard line, ran to the right, saw a punter and bettor, and was eliminated, tying the NCAA record by making his seventh punt for the 35-17 win. Wildcats. .

Allen tied the Heisman Trophy winner in Nebraska, John Mitchell (1946-1948), Johnny Rodgers (1970-1972), with the highest number of kick-back touchdowns in history. Allen finished second in his NCAA history with 1,646 yards per punt return, finishing just behind the 1,695-yard mark by Lee Nalley of Vanderbilt in 1949.

Allen still ranks first overall at K-State in career punt return attempts (103), back kick yards for one game (172), season (730) and career (1,646) , and career (16.0). He remains the only player in K-State history to score two passes over 90 yards in a career.

Newman, from Salina, winner of the 2002 All-American Consensus and the Thorpe Award, is the country's leading defender.

Newman finished his 48-game career at K-State with 134 tackles and 10 steals. Newman was one of four winning teams of eleven wins in five years and decided to miss the national top 1 in the national rankings. Tap poll just once during his time as a Wildcat.

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