Football Francisco Ferreira slams the door of Loudéac OSC

Francisco Ferreira slams the door of Loudéac OSC


One of Losc's flagship rookies, FC Laurmené's late coach-player Francisco Ferreira, slammed the door. He only made a short stay in Loudéac

Between the former player coach Laurmené and Losc, divorce is consumed.
Between the former player coach Laurmené and Losc, divorce is consumed.

"We did not understand each other with Jimmy Lesniewski. I came to LOSC to play R1, not in R3. I felt he did not trust me. I think it was not clear. He left me little time to play. I thought that eventually he did not really need me. Besides, since I slammed the door, he did not call me back. That confirms me in my impression. I am really disappointed "explains Francisco Ferreira. The former coach's defender FC Laurmené, which he led to R2, had been one of the club's main recruits Loudéac, the LOSC, during the offseason. He will have finally made a short passage in the neo club promoted in R1 Brittany.

Side Lesniewski, the sound of the bell is of course very different:

When he arrived, physically, he was one of the least fit. He arrived without training and was immediately "in the hard". Then he went on vacation. He did not like being on the substitutes' bench when he returned, but I think my decision made sense. So slam the door after two games of preparation, it's incomprehensible.

But in the eyes of Jimmy Lesniewski, there is worse: "he had committed to frame the U 17. And there again, he slammed the door, in full preparation. That he gets angry with me, hey, it can happen. This is not the first time this has happened to me and it will certainly happen to me again. But let loose young people who have nothing to do with them, and who counted on him, that's really lamentable and inadmissible. Especially from an educator.

"I have nothing to prove"

The coach Tangos deplores: "we did not have time to know each other", but notes: "he may have found that having his place in this team would be harder than expected". In any case one thing is certain: the Losc does not intend to give a good exit to the former FCL player.

Francisco Ferreira, he wants to believe the opposite: "I let a week pass, then we'll see. But I'm 28, and I have nothing to prove. I already have several clubs that called me "…


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