WSOP: German gambler on the way to ten million dollars in Vegas

WSOP: German gambler on the way to ten million dollars in Vegas

Exactly 8569 players had paid more than a week ago the $ 10,000 (about 8900 Euro) entry fee to compete in the most important poker tournament in the world, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas. Nine gamblers are left to fight for $ 10 million on Sunday and Monday for the winner. The best chances for the title of the German-Iranian Hossein Ensan, who leads the field with a big lead in chips. Pius Heinz was the only German player to win the poker world championship in 2011 – Ensan could become the second German to succeed.

Ensan has exactly 177 so-called big blinds in front of you, that's what you call the starting bets for every round of play. The players in the stands behind him have 99 and 61 big blinds, According to the plan, Sunday will initially be played until six players are left, then Monday the winner will be crowned. All nine already have $ 1 million in prize money for sure. With each departure, the guaranteed amount of money increases. The third will pocket four million, the second still six million.

Hossein Ensan has already captured more than 2.3 million

55-year-old Ensan, who came to Münster from Iran in 1990 and is the daughter of a daughter, is no stranger to the poker scene. In December 2015, he won the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prague, a rival event to the WSOP, the title and more than 750,000 euros in prize money. Overall, he has won more than 2.3 million euros in poker tournaments, according to the poker database Hendon Mob. However, only the profits are recorded there. How much deduction has to be deducted is not known. In addition, many poker players sell shares of themselves to investors or share with fellow gamblers the risk. Accordingly, they must then share the prize money.

By the way, Robert Heidorn failed a second German gambler only shortly before. He retired on the unloved tenth place and thus on the so-called Bubble to the final table. 800,000 US dollars must help him over this disappointment.

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