World of Roller Hockey: The Spanish women's hockey team is proclaimed world champion

World of Roller Hockey: The Spanish women's hockey team is proclaimed world champion

The Spanish women's hockey team was proclaimed this midday world champion by beating Argentina in the final, 8-5, in a vibrant encounter with the protagonists of the Telecable players Marta Piquero, Sara Lolo and María Sanjurjo, authors of five of the eight Spanish goals in the final (two from Piquero and Sanjurjo and one from Lolo).

Spain was ahead early on the scoreboard with a goal from Berta Busquets but shortly after Luchi Agudo in personal play beat Laura Vicente establishing the first draw. However, on the next play, Marta Piquero put Spain ahead again after collecting a rebound from the Argentine keeper with a shot by Sara Lolo. The game was vibrant and played at great speed by the two teams that created danger in virtually all their actions.

Luchi Agudo again established the draw in a rebound from Vicente but before the break Laura Puigdueta slipped the ball under the body of Anabella Flóres allowing Spain to go ahead at halftime.

But Argentina has a great selection and did not lower its arms by any means. Lorena Rodriguez established a new draw in a few minutes in which both selections were very effective. Busquets and Piquero gave Spain the biggest advantage so far, two goals, but Luchi Agudo scored his third goal of the final to push the score. Sara Lolo increased the advantage, 6-4, but there were still 13 minutes left. Adriana Soto from a powerful shot from distance left the difference in a goal. Both teams were on the verge of direct fouls due to the accumulation of fouls and it was Argentina that first committed the tenth. The Spanish coach, Ricardo Ares ordered that Maria Sanjurjo launched it until then had not been on the court and the Telecable player Gijón succeeded in overcoming Flóres with a goal that gave two advantage with six minutes remaining.

Argentina tried it but Spain defended very well and at the last minute Maria Sanjurjo stands alone against the Argentine goalkeeper who beats in a shot at half height that meant the title for Spain.

In the final of the Women's World Cup there were no fewer than seven players who either played well or did previously in the ranks of Telecable Gijón: Sara Lolo, Maria Sanjurjo, Marta Piquero, Anna Casarramona, Maria Díez, all of them with Spain and Luchi Agudo and Julieta Fernández with Argentina.

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