Todd Gurley is also seeking NBA style pay days in the NFL

Todd Gurley is also seeking NBA style pay days in the NFL

Wait until Todd Gurley gets out about MLB.

These Rams are running back watching as NBA players get new contracts and it is left talking about where all those money for NFL stars is like itself.

“It's crazy,” Gurley Report Bleacher told. “I have been in charge of the series in the last two years and I have seen someone get $ 80 million and I couldn't even name their name. # 39;

Last July, Gurley signed a four-year extension, $ 60 million, including $ 45 million guaranteed – the biggest guarantee and salary per year for anyone he had.

Still, it is compared to the money being received by NBA players, rather than the high-level studs. Adam Lefkoe hosted Bleacher Report Tobias Harris, who signed a five-year contract of $ 180 million with the 76ers recently.

“Tobias Harris was the first man I saw, I like, ort Keep, who is this? ”“ Gurley said. “I started looking at his game, I like, ndáiríre Actually, it's okay. ”“ It got [$ 64 million] the last time but then it came back.

“Hey, I'm not crazy on them, man. They are doing their part. All I knew if I was in high school now, and I was 6-5, I was in the gym every day. ”

Meanwhile, the four-year agreement, $ 60 million, signed Gurley last year? In 2013, the same contract was awarded to Mets Curtis Granderson.

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