News "The years go by; this follows"

"The years go by; this follows"


The newspapers are cruel. They say that I am putting myself in evidence before myself. Agassi does not seem to know when to retire. He is almost 29 years old

Open, Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi tells us more things in his memoirs:

"Almost all the articles contain the hackneyed phrase: 'At an age when your colleagues are already thinking about withdrawal …'".


The story that comes is diametrically different. Roger Federer is about to turn 38.

And nobody wants him out, nobody wants to imagine it.

Tennis without Federer?

How are we going to stand it …?

All in Wimbledon They want a last sigh, one last moment Federer.

Do not let the magic end: Federer is a universal character.

There will be a new episode today (15 h, Spanish time), the final of this Wimbledon, the duel that faces the reigning champion, Novak Djokovic, a guy five years younger.

The bets run, which are divided between both sides, almost equally. Another thing is the feeling, the democratic will. The public goes with Federer.

It is a question of pedigree, tradition and antimatter. David Foster Wallace decided to compare Federer with Matrix:

"Federer was forced to send a ball through a five-centimeter tunnel and he has done so by going backwards, without time to prepare and without impulse after his blow …".

Federer confesses:

-I know that this is something unusual, something a little strange.

But here it continues: they have been 16 years since their first Wimbledon title. The first of the eight that accumulates. And it says:

-It's strange. The years go by, but this continues.

Djokovic insists. Continue knocking on the door, claim your place in the lectern. Hers is an anomalous story. Add fifteen great titles. He has been leading the circuit for months, chasing the other two, Federer (twenty Grand Slam) and Nadal (18). He has done great things during his career, things that Federer and Nadal have not achieved. For example? He has chained the four great titles, between 2015 and 2016.

Is a discipline more important? It is hardly remembered.

And yet …


Tennis without the Swiss? Everyone at Wimbledon wants a last sigh, one last 'Federer moment'

Djokovic lives in a contradiction. He dominates the circuit but he is not the most beloved guy. He has a problem: he has arrived late to the party of Federer and Nadal, a battle that had begun three or four years before. Djokovic wants to enter the party, to be nice, to win over people.

For us to understand your reasons, sometimes it is explained. He tells us that he had lived through the Balkan War. He was eleven years old when NATO bombed Belgrade. He had spent 78 days hiding there below, trembling.

He says that the experience had changed him. Understand the prejudices of some, those who interpret that the Balkans should never have burned, and all that has made you always strive, try to make yourself loved.

"Most people, when I told them we were from Serbia, became very cautious and cautious about how to treat us," he said on occasion.

Federer does not have to explain himself, he does not need to be loved. He had been a rude boy in his childhood, a breaker who had his parents crazy in Basel, the same ones who now look out onto the box of the central court, wearing the cap with the initials RF, and leave dazzled by the wonderful things that Does your son. He had been a disorderly, disobedient and disheveled teenager, with a ponytail and a cocky look. He had talent and he lacked mentality.

That's what they said.

Then Mirka Vavrinec appeared. She was a low-flying tennis player who would decide to hang her racket and put herself in the shadow of the man. He became his wife, the mother of his four children, his agent and his image consultant, and then Federer had become a brand, much more than a tennis player.

Since then, and they are more than fifteen years old, we have barely seen him reeling on the track. Neither breaking a racket, nor insulting a rival, nor facing a journalist,
nor despise a rival.

Toni Nadal, Rafael's uncle, says of Federer that he is a genius:

-He was able to sacrifice several years of his career to prolong it even more. He invested two years in modifying his serve and shortening the points. Now, everything is vertigo in their games. Shorten plays, risk all the time. And because it is so good, it fails less than the others.

Djokovic agrees:

-For players like Nadal or me, who need more time, Federer's speed puts us under extra pressure, something we have to deal with.


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