Rugby Rugby League: How the Warriors & # 39; Achilles...

Rugby League: How the Warriors & # 39; Achilles Heel was postponed in NRL draw with the Brisbane Broncos


The warriors' greatest weakness in 2019 was postponed again on Saturday night, and ultimately cost them a much-needed victory at Suncorp Stadium.

While their late fightback for forcing the golden point and their persistence in extra time was admirable, 18-18 draw with Brisbane was another missed option.

Drawings are rare events in the NRL, with everything designed to force a result. The latter occurred during the 2016 season.

But the warriors will have many more regrets than the home side, and once again the review session will not be pleasant viewing.

The warriors did more than enough to win the game, dominate yardage and possession. They could have had the fight all but wrapped in half time, but didn't get the most out of many opportunities.

From there came a familiar pattern.

The warriors have rarely done 80 minutes of performances this season, and here was another example. It's their Achilles heel, as most weeks they seem to manage a good half and a poor one.

The warriors were red hot in much of the first 40 minutes, constantly exposing the Broncos' inexperienced right edge.

They rolled down the track on will, with their forward-facing head against Brisbane's big heel pack.

A 16-6 half-hour benefit was not really an accurate reflection of their dominance – they deserved another attempt – but at least it was a platform to build on.

Instead, the warriors seemed to forget the basis of what had worked so well in the first half.

They went too wide, too early, rather than continue plowing through the middle.

The recipe was surely choking the Broncos through scoreboard and field position, but instead they helped revive the home with a number of errors.

Both Broncos second half trials were prevented.

Everyone stopped for Anthony Milford's hopeful pits before Issac Luke's unfortunate in-field fights were breathed out by Darius Boyd, while David Fifita's powerful solar mission was through a series of half-hearted tackles.

The Warriors HQ message in recent weeks has focused on playing every moment, remains focused and on, but it has not yet completely subsided.

Despite having 58% possession, guests were paralyzed by errors. They made 18 in all, most of which came in the second half.

The warriors were also deprived, especially with Peta Hiku's attempt late in the second half, which was descale. The bunker found an alleged knock on the head, as there was a strong case for the benefit of the doubt.

The loss of Ken Maumalo in the 56th minute of concussion following an unpleasant major collision was also an important factor and shows how much the team has come to depend on the 24-year-old who had already driven more than 250 meters at that point. Hiku was also hampered in the second half by a knock.

On the positive note, the team showed impressive energy and hunger under the golden point, although their setup for field targeting opportunities left much to be desired.

"I'm glad we're going away with a point," coach Stephen Kearney said. "[But a] a little disappointed that it was not two."

The result leaves Warriors three points outside the top eight, and virtually no margin of error if they want to be involved in September football.

"As long as there is an opportunity, we will fight every inch of the road," Kearney said. "We've had some pretty close endings, and I'm sure if we stick to it, the finished tips will tip our way over the next month or so."



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