Football Meunier speaks about money flowing through football and the...

Meunier speaks about money flowing through football and the "anonymity" he lacks


Thomas Meunier, 27-year-old right-back of Paris Saint-Germain and Belgium, spent a long time France Football. The opportunity for the weekly to ask this player, who stands out for his outspokenness and his passion for art and his atypical career (he arrived late to a place in football that allows him to live ), his opinion on money in football. The Belgian international is also returning to a point that is missing from his amateur period.

"You are shocked everywhere the money circulating in the balloon world? No. Of course there is a huge gap, but not only in football. The Mayweather in boxing (undefeated in 50 professional fights), he makes a fight, he takes two hundred million. It's just crazy! In football, it benefits a whole system, and there is nothing negative for anyone. Football creates jobs in many areas. It's all part of evolution. Even if it exploded and it was not crescendo.But all this money is for everyone and no one can complain about the current system.

Miller " it is this side of nature that I miss. "

What do you miss most about your old life? This anonymity precisely.When I played, we went for a drink after the matches. This side a little natural and down to earth. For me, drinking a beer with my teammates after a game is almost obligatory. In Paris, it's impossible. It's so professionalized, there's so much at stake … I can understand that we need to control and that everything has its importance, but it is this side a little nature that I miss. "

The criticism of money in football is classic, but Meunier's answer is fair enough. Certainly, the sums are hallucinating. And we can say that all these amounts are not necessary. But it is not money stolen either and it also benefits others than players. Even if, as often with the richest, it is difficult not to think that a little more sharing would be possible. Anyway, the players do not have to try to change the system.

Which also has its constraints (without justifying their huge salaries). Among them, the hygiene to have over a whole year, the pressure and the "risk" in the communication (with the worries and criticize that can bring a single bad sentence). At times, players may want to regain some simplicity. As seen here with Meunier. Although, of course, it is difficult to complain about players who live very comfortably from their passion.


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