LaLiga: Penalties reward the Atletico against Chivas

Frustrated by four stops ofRal Gudio, the goalkeeper of Chivas Guadalajara, the Atletico de Madrid needed the penalty shootout to win a game that deserved to win much earlier, with 11 players and 10, when Marcos Llorente was sent off, and without giving the opponent any chance.

Not even in the half hour that I played in numerical inferiority, from the 25th to 55th minute, when the yellow double to Villanueva rebalanced the troops, did the Madrid team suffer, better on paper and on the grass than his rival, sustained by the appropriate irruptions from his goalkeeper to the series from eleven meters.

Even in their second friendly match, after 3-0 last Saturday at Numancia, Simeone insists on a fairly defined idea of ​​his eleven, with only one change from one game to another: Vctor Machn, 'Vitolo', by Joao Flix, who did not even enter the call, was 'touched' by the blow to the hip of his debut three days ago.

The ownership of this course will not be easy even for him, signed to Benfica for 126 million euros, within the competition generated by the Atlantic with a staff of such size, even more if Jams Rodrguez finally arrives, but also if not arrives, because Vitolo and Lemar overflow today quality and ambition.

Two men in doubt about their last season, but whose qualities do not admit discrepancy. Both have virtues that many others crave. The question is whether they will be able to exploit them at last for rojiblanco this season. Lemar disappointed last campaign. Vitolo has lacked constancy, continuity and determination.

The Canarian extreme showed it at times in the past, although his chances in Simeone's eleven in a year and a half in the club have been counted, and he does it again intensely now in this preseason. In each training, in the match with Numancia and in the encounter of this Wednesday against Chivas Guadalajara.

From the verticality of Vitolo and the participation of Lemar the Atletico enjoyed his best transitions and his best opportunities in staging in the match. Ah accumulate enough options to have won the duel. But the punch failed him and, at the same time, the stops of Ral Gudio were crossed between him and the goal.

The rojiblanco team did not win the clash by the rival goalkeeper. Without nuances Without him, Lemar's left-footed shot from the edge of the area, the definition of Morata, after a pass from Vitolo, or Sal's right, in a loose ball, would have been a goal. With him, they were only a few occasions without more before an unexpected setback.

Because, while the party was traveling as planned, an instant alter the meeting for him: the expulsion of Marcos Llorente. The Atlantic is filming and it shows in certain actions. Ms when the opponent has already started his League – I lost 3-0 on the first date of the Mexican tournament with Santos Laguna.

Probably, within a month the play will have ended in nothing, with the ball in its possession and without any shock, but not today. The middle center was the last man, he accommodated her with his head, but Alexis Vega also felt such confidence, that he won the fight, the ball and the advantage until he was knocked down by him. Red card. Out of the game … And the Saturday derby, because it is a penalty.

An excess of confidence, a lapse of innocence, a circumstance more than the preseason …? Whatever it is, the Atletico stayed in numerical inferiority at 25 minutes; more sensitive to him in terms of his offensive performance than in terms of his defensive reliability, almost unapproachable for the harmless Chivas.

The team of Diego Simeone did not feel any threat in the whole game, which removed all of its eleven starter for the second half (Koke ​​premieres this preseason with 23 minutes of play after some inconvenience; Correa, whose future points to Miln, plays a part Whole and Toni Moya showed his qualities) and that suddenly, even a controller with ten, attended the numerical rebalancing, by the expulsion of Villanueva by double yellow. It was the 55th minute.

One later, Ral Gudio vol to repel Koke's tight direct foul; the fourth decisive stop of the goalkeeper, the reason why the Spanish team did not win this Wednesday at Chivas Guadalajara before the penalty throws. Ah ya s gan with a determinant Antonio Adn, able to stop two maximum penalties.

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