News Brazil, champion of America

Brazil, champion of America


Gabriel Jesus cried for his expulsion on the stairs of the changing rooms. There were 20 minutes left until the end of the match and that red card served to revive Peru, which had left virtually deactivated at rest. The Peruvians had managed to draw in the final moments of the first half. Paolo Guerrero took advantage of a penalty by Thiago Silva to equalize and feed the illusions of his country, but Gabriel Jesús himself had taken it upon themselves to turn them off. The Brazilian "9" scored the second goal that put his team ahead by finishing a full play of his team. Stole Firmino, Arthur put the pass with intention in the area and topped Gabriel Jesus.

The Manchester City striker, who had given the first to Everton, was in all decisive plays. Gabriel Jesus took advantage of his position on the right side of the attack to do everything. The same took advantage of a bad movement of the defense, which did not close the arrival of the opponent on the opposite side to that of the ball, which ended on goal. The presence of Firmino as center forward gave him the freedom to reach the auction positions. But his expulsion for two yellow gave life to the Peruvians, who had arrived in a surprising way until the end of the tournament.

With one less, Brazil got doubts. Peru approached the area of ​​Alisson more often taking advantage of the red's momentum. Until Everton began to bargain on the edge of the area and was knocked down by Zambrano. The referee whistled the penalty not without first consulting the video arbitration, as he had done in the one he said in favor of Peru. The cameras on both occasions ratified their first decision. And Richarlison from the eleven meters confirmed the Brazilian victory.

Brazil He has been knocking down ghosts since the start of the championship. First he had to overcome Neymar's absence, which might be more of a relief than a tare for his selection. And then, to the memory of the World Cups. In the semifinals he overcame the trauma of Germany's 1-7 in the 2014 World Cup with a victory against Argentina, its great continental rival, at the same Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte where it had been humiliated by the Germans. In the final he overcame the shadow of a new Maracanazo.

At the celebration, the Brazilians strove to console Gabriel Jesus, disconsolate after his expulsion. Tears of anger and frustration turned into tears of happiness. Brazil returns to command in South America.


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