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In Dunkirk, on the occasion of the departure of the Tour in 2001, the organizers mounted an exhibition with photographs of the passage of the race through the town of northern France. In the largest, in black and white, appeared Bahamontes, on the platform of the station, in a 1960s image. Dressed in a suit, sitting astride his wooden suitcase, crestfallen, he looks at something he has in his hands. The platform clock shows ten past ten. At about that time, the third stage came out. He was not there anymore. One of your scared.

As in 1957, in the eighth stage. "Luis Puig gave me an injection of calcium and with the pain I could not grab the handlebar," he recalled. He got off his bike and lay down, fetally, on the checkered tablecloth of a family picnicking. Goddet, the director of the Tour, arrived:

-Follow, Federico.

– Do not.

His faithful gregarious Carmelo Morales appeared, trying to get him up.

-Go, Fede, for the team.

– Do not.

– By Fermina.

– Do not.

– For Spain.

– Do not.

– For Franco.

– Do not.

Two years later he won the Tour. "In France they respected me very much. That's why I made 10 podiums. There they want their people, but also those of us who have gone there to work, and what we Spaniards were then like now is the Africans ". On July 18 of the 1940s he played his first race. He left work in the Toledo market and met some friends. "Where are you going?". "To the career of Education and Rest". "Will you let me sign up?" "Clear". And it was, he pointed out, they gave him a basketball jersey and shorts, he got a banana ("from which I ate to the skin"), and won his first race. No changes on the bicycle. In 1959, another July 18, the pompous party of the National Uprising, culminated his dream in the old velodrome of the Parc des Princes. That day he won the Tour. He had dressed in yellow at Saint Etienne. "That year Anglade and I were much better than the French; that Bobet, that Anquetil, although they said that I won because they beat each other ". He was the first Spaniard to wear yellow in Paris. Spanish of underdevelopment, of hunger. "He was making money. Of flour, of vegetables. I went to work in the market because I could catch something to eat. "

Bahamontes was tremendous. It had to be to stand out. It gave unexpected frights. When he left cycling, in the 1965 Tour, he attacked on the Aspin, and hid in some bushes. The peloton went crazy in pursuit of a cyclist who was no longer there. That July the Tour arrived in Barcelona, ​​where Pérez Francés won. In 1959 the World Cup had been set up. "They had me three days in Madrid while the reception was being prepared. I arrived three months after the Tour because in those days where money was earned it was in the Criteriums. At 25,000 pesetas each race. " Toledo received him as a demigod. "It was impressive. I will never forget it".

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