2019 Cricket World Cup: respect for Dhoni is sky high, says Virat Kohli

2019 Cricket World Cup: respect for Dhoni is sky high, says Virat Kohli

Comparisons between a former captain and his successor can be full of fear, especially if the two gentlemen are still playing together. But for M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli, passing on the baton is remarkable for its grace and companionship. When Dhoni played his last World Cup and the current edition approached its peak during the weekend, Kohli paid tribute to his predecessor, who is still an inspiration and sounding board for the current Indian skipper.

When he spoke to the media on Monday in Old Trafford in Manchester, Kohli said: "For us, who started our careers under him, respect will always be present because of the opportunities he has given us and the confidence he has in us has shown and the way he treated the entire team in transition.Now we are the ones bringing the Indian cricket forward.When a person has done so much for the team, you have to appreciate and acknowledge this from the point of view of respect for MS will always be sky high. "

And then Kohli explained another facet: Dhoni & # 39; s ability to step back and give room: "I know how difficult it can be to switch from captain to just being a player on the same team He is not at all too assertive or intrusive, He gives you the space to make your own decisions and to really discover yourself, that is his greatest quality. At the same time, when I ask him something, he gives I have advice on that. I am very happy that I have been able to play with him for so many years. "


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