News "I have to prepare to return to Atlético"

"I have to prepare to return to Atlético"


Fernando Torres has announced that he is leaving, but he has not left yet. The final farewell will come on August 23, when his team, Sagan Tosu, faces Vissel Kobe of Iniesta and Villa. It will be in Japan, but as if it were at home. "Say goodbye to football with my dear friend Iniesta is something I could never have imagined, and Japan will make it possible," he says. The race of Fernando and Andres have been united since the beginning, since they began to win European championships with the Spanish lower selections.

"There will also be my friend David Villa, with whom I probably share the best moments in the history of Spanish football. I tried to find an iconic moment to play my final match and I think it's a perfect moment ", Add. With Villa he formed the lead that got Spain to win everything. Torres sacrificed for the Asturian, but when he was not Villa was the top scorer of Euro 2012 that closed the victorious cycle of the Red.

The "Niño" explained his departure at a press conference at dawn in Spain. Torres retires, but without looking back. "It's the easiest decision I've made in my life"Going out of Atlético was very difficult and very painful, I wanted the best for the club but also for me, but returning to Atlético was easy, and this is similar. I feel that is what I have to do now. It's hard to start talking about it, but once it was started it was quick to come to the conclusion that it was the right decision, " comment

"I'm very demanding with myself, I always want to be honest and play at the level that I think I should. I think that the moment I do not play at the level that I demand, it will not be fun, and that's close. I want to put an end to this before that happens"His team is the last and is no longer directed by Lluís Carreras, his teammate in the early days of Atlético, but Fernando does not need external reasons to move.

The injuries have only allowed him to play six games with Sagan Tosu this season and there are seven left before August 23 so he can say goodbye on the pitch. "I want to say thanks to my teammates, who helped me from the first minute. teaching them something would be the most important thing for me, I have two months left to enjoy working with them, "he says.

The time to say goodbye is also the time to look back. "There were some difficult moments during my career, but I always saw them as opportunities, not as a problem, I learned how to solve them and how to come back stronger, difficult times made me better," he acknowledges. "After seeing the reaction of the world of football, I feel really proud of everything I could achieve during my career. Sometimes, soccer players only focus on trophies. I did it in the past, I wanted to win as many titles as possible. Now that the end is near, I look back and see that the best I achieved was the respect of all; that was my biggest trophy ", he assumes.

Among those "trophies" is having played with some of the best players in the world. "The best player was Steven Gerrard. I completed my game and elevated me to another level. I would love to relive those moments once again, even if it was only one minute. As a rival I played against the toughest defenders in the world, but especially John Terry and Carles Puyol, they were a nightmare. "The two were before or after his teammates: Terry at Chelsea and Puyol at the national team.

Atlético reappears on the horizon of its future, but it is not in a hurry. "Atlético is the club of my heart, our paths will probably cross in the future, but it will not happen soon. I have to train, study, learn how everything works … If I went back it would be for great things, and I need time. I have to prepare myself for that great challenge, "he acknowledges." I need time to be away from today, from day to day, after so many years of training and playing games. I do not know if I will train, manage, study … When I was a child I felt a call, to be a player. Now it will be something related to football because soccer is my life and I think I can offer more things", he assumes.


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