such the training, most

of the players are in

stretching, getting ready to

practice, in a few minutes

surely we can see something

more, meanwhile everyone is


what percentage do they have

defined the alignment, is

waiting for the injured or

will have tactical doubts

I think that, for the debut,

must have 80 or 90% defined

the tata martino, more than what

may have, what about jorge sanchez

that is waiting, I think that

work on what the team will be

facing the debut I imagine that

memo ochoa I will be in the

goal, you have to wait and see

who puts as central by

right because he has Carlos

salcedo but maybe you

you want to give time

recover, you have to remember

that comes from an injury and maybe

decide to give it a little more

recovery time and maybe

We can see Diego Reyes or

Cesar Montes in midfield, for

the bands I think it's going to

do chaca rodríguez, I think

that is defined, in the

half field as we saw, the

Andrew's party saved, I

it seems that the middle field can

have andré saved,

jonathan dos saints, and charlie

Rodríguez, interior by right,

maybe there we can see some

change that you still have and to

front, I think that's where


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