Sport Today With Gabriel Heinze, what should we expect?

With Gabriel Heinze, what should we expect?


And if the next coach OM was called .. Gabriel Heinze? Officially, Rudi Garcia is still in office. But OM would have decided to part with it. And the rumor swells in recent hours: G. Heinze would be in contact with the Marseille club .. information given by an Italian journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio. While waiting for the epilogue of this case with several drawers, we tried to understand the style of play that proposes the former defender of OM (2009-11), since he launched his coaching career.

Three Argentine clubs already

At 41, Gabriel Heinze is already at the head of his 3rd club as a coach. It was also about his return to Marseille when Marcelo Bielsa was himself enthroned coach of OM in 2014. He finally tries his first steps at the head of a team with Godoy Cruz in June 2015, but only stays there for 6 months. Then? Argentine joined Argentinos Juniors, which evolves at the time in 2nd division. Heinze takes his team to the 1st division, but leaves the club in the summer of 2017. In December he joins Velez Sarsfield. But today ? The Argentine is perhaps at a crossroads in his career as a technician. And according to Constant Wicherek, of footmercato, he "he is testing the ground in France, he is probing the French market; whether in Saint-Etienne or Marseille, 2 clubs a priori interesting for him"

We contacted Nicolas de la Rua, Argentine football specialist for the site "Opposite Skylight", so as not to reduce G Heinze's style to his legendary" rage "even though he kept it by being in the costume of a coach."What is common to all its teams is this ability to offer play, he explains, to take offensive risks, to trust young people, to rely on a lot of speed, on a lot of technique, on quality offensive transitions, very precise, which undermine all teams, even the most "big" "in Argentina (..) he is not fixed on his positions, but he comes to put pressure on his opponents, he recovers balloons up and is projected quickly (..) when he is obliged to move back, he arrives to make the round back, but his teams still manage to project from very far, in 2-3 passes: a long long game, a deep grip of a winger or a medium, not necessarily the number 9, there is often overcoming of function in his team, it joins the mentality of Marceloa Bielsa; there is a relationship between the two in terms of the will to play, with this spirit to go quickly create danger in the opponent".

He launches young people

Constant Wicherek abounds in this sense: his game is "offensive, not as pragmatic as Mr. Gallardo, but there is a lot of enthusiasm, it's explosive and fun to watch"

"OM's motto is "straight to the point"; Heinze applies it to perfection "Nicolas de la Rua

What is also striking is the youth of his teams. "It's probably a little by default, but especially the Vélez this year, the average age must turn around 21 years, says Nicolas de la Rua (..) he does not have much choice, but it is also a desire on his part to trust them and put them in positions where they can shine, where they can have fun. To see his Vélez to play is to see a band of friends having fun together; it's obvious, they change positions several times per game"

His Achilles' heel ? His lack of experiencecertainly, especially in the eyes of European clubs. In Argentina, its black spot is more often than not "his inability to knock down the giants, be it Boca, River, Racing, Independiente.. "But if these failures are repeated, it is also certainly because its players are very young:"There recently in Copa Superliga against Boca, he is twice 0-0 in both home and away, but it is his team that has control of the game, which imposes his style, still analyzes Nicolas de la Rua ; on the other hand, they are sometimes febrile defensively, especially since they take a lot of risks. He assumes it: he looks for the offensive imbalance, to bring a lot of danger"

According to Nicolas de la Rua, Gabriel Heinze is "more "OM compatible", than "France compatible". OM's motto is "straight to the point"; Heinze applies it to perfection. As soon as it recovers a balloon it is "immediately in front", in 3 passes it wants to bring the danger"The limit? Is its workforce in Marseilles ready to provide the efforts demanded by the Argentinian? races, intensity, sacrifice for the group at times.

Problem: in Argentina, we see it much more extend your adventure with Vélez ; G Heinze would even make the push to bring Gago to his side. So, intox, pressure shot? The case is closely followed in Marseille. It remains to be seen as well if the Marseille leaders are ready to deal with his whole character, this "intellectual honesty to get to the end of things, even to go to conflict"as Nicolas de la Rua repeats."He has a hard head, it does not scare him, adds Constant Wicherek; it could clearly shake things that do not put too much foot in front of one another (..) it's a bet, but a year of reconstruction, without a European Cup, would not it be the smartest thing to do for OM? ? "


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