The Bidaideak Bilbao will not be able to culminate its great season fighting for the title in Final Four of the League. The set of Txurdinaga was overcome in the semifinal by Amiab Albacete, in an intense duel in which the La Mancha made a difference in the first quarter and Bidaideak had to row against the rest of the game. Both teams jumped into the court of Cuenca knowing that in the other semifinal the CD Ilunion had imposed on Mideba Extremadura by 55-73, and the tension to become the second finalist was noted in each action.

Amiab Albacete surprised Bidaideak Bilbao with their rhythm and from the first minutes left on the scoreboard. In the first two minutes the partial was 0-7 for the La Mancha, in the middle of the quarter reached 10 points (4-14) and even reached 5-22 when there were still two and a half minutes. A hard blow for the interests of Bidaideak, who tried to react in the final stretch of the quarter to get into the game (11-22).

Four. Five

Joshua Turek (15), Jannik Peter Blair (2), Tomo Neill (8), Asiera García (10) and Manuel Enrique Lorenzo (2) -five start-David Mouriz (2), José María Avendaño (2) and Luis Eduardo Jasso (4)


De Jong, Choudhry (16), Marsh (16), Arredondo (2), Manning (8) -five start-Highcock, Cristen (3), Hernández (7) and Esteche (5).


11-22, 15-15 (26-37), 15-12 (41-49), 4-8 (45-57).

In the second quarter the Bilbao set adjusted their defense, which caused the La Mancha had more trouble scoring. But the Bidaideak also failed to reduce differences (15-29). Four minutes from the break, the advantage of La Mancha fell from 10 points after many minutes over that figure. 23-31 on the scoreboard. To the rest it was arrived with 26-37, which allowed to the Bidaideak to think about a comeback in the return of clothes.

After the break the BSR Amiab Albacete again took the reins of the game, and the score was stretched to 32-47 after six minutes of play, to the despair of the staff Bilbao. Knowing that qualifying for the final was an immediate reaction, the Bidaideak, with a partial 6-0, closed the third quarter with 41-49 on the scoreboard.

10 minutes were missing and nothing was decided. In fact, the Bidaideak Bilbao approached 6 points (43-49). But the last quarter was characterized by the intensity of the defenses and the failures in attack. In 45-55 the scoreboard was stuck for several minutes, failures in the shots of the two teams, a lot of intensity in defense and a lot of play as to not be gripped. After an unsportsmanlike foul on Asier Garcia and a free kick scored by Martin Arredondo, the 45-56 was placed, which practically did not move until the end. A defeat that leads Bidaideak to have to fight for the consolation final against Extremadura.

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