Sport Today The appearance of Roger Federer allowed to raise ticket...

The appearance of Roger Federer allowed to raise ticket prices in Rome


The emergence of Federer allowed to raise prices

Artyom Taimanov
Artyom Taimanov

Is Federer to blame? How tournament organizers make money on players

Because of Federer, the Rome tournament organizers inflated ticket prices, but Roger didn’t work the money to the end. Both players and spectators are dissatisfied.

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The organizers of the tournament in Rome this year are not too pleased. There are reasons for both fans and players.

Refund? No matter how wrong!

On Wednesday throughout the game day in the capital of Italy was inclement weather. Tennis, as you know, is not football, you cannot play it in the rain – there is a high probability of getting injured when there is a sharp change in direction, which is enough. As a result, no match took place, and in such a situation it is customary to return the money for the tickets. Adopted not only at tennis, but also at any mass event. However, the Italian Tennis Federation refused to return the money, in return for offering viewers passes to some other matches of the current tournament or a visit to the whole game day at competitions that will be held in 2020.

Federer is coming to us! Pay more

Earlier, the organizers of the competition noted another ambiguous act. Tickets for Wednesday went up after Roger Federer confirmed his participation in the tournament. Since the Swiss missed the start round, his first match was to take place on that very day. Thus, they collected increased profits from the tickets and completely left it for themselves. Interestingly, the organizers explained the price increase by the desire to encourage fans who purchased tickets without knowing about the participation of Federer in the tournament.

I did not like the price increase for the tickets and Roger himself. “I heard that some fans were clearly not happy about this move by the organizers. It disappoints me too. Such “encouragement” looks rather strange, ”said Federer.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Photo: Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Is Djokovic offended?

Novak Djokovic, like almost always, correctly commented on this situation. “I hear about it for the first time. But Roger is the main name in tennis. From this point of view, I maybe understand this decision. I do not feel offended and do not consider this a manifestation of disrespect for myself or for Rafe. The main thing is that if more tickets are sold and there will be more spectators in the stands, then this is good for everyone. ”

Djokovic – about raising ticket prices due to Federer: I was not offended

True, the recent words of Nick Kiryos are immediately recalled here. “I feel that Djokovic has a painful obsession with being loved. He just wants to be the same as Federer to be loved in the same way. ” If we assume that at least partly the Australian is right, then this situation is just one more blow to Novak's vanity, confirming that Roger is loved more than him, and that not only ordinary fans notice this.

“I'm tired and exhausted because of this shit.”

As a result, all tennis players, who were supposed to play the second round matches on Wednesday, had to go on court twice on Thursday. At the same time on the eve of the organizers to the last did not release tennis players from the stadium. Dramatic dissatisfaction with this was expressed by Dominic Tim, the loser of Fernando Verdasco. “I am very angry at this situation. Feeling tired and exhausted today because of all this crap. I really do not like the way the organizers at this tournament treat us, the players, because what happened yesterday, in my opinion, is completely unacceptable. They knew that not a single tennis ball would be played, and they kept us here until 7:30 pm In the evening I didn’t go for medical procedures, because otherwise I wouldn’t get enough sleep, since my match on Thursday was set at 10 am. I don't think that is acceptable. ”

Tim: I'm very angry and exhausted because of all this shit

Federer won two matches in a day and withdrew

Federer, meanwhile, won two matches in a day, although Born Chorich and overcame with difficulty, having played two match balls. However, this load was too high for Roger, and on Friday afternoon he announced that he was being removed from the tournament due to injury to his right leg. The Swiss complained about the discomfort and the day before, noting that wet lines on the court could have affected this. “I am upset that I can not play today. Physically, I am not ready for one hundred percent, and after consulting with the team, it was decided that I would not play. Rome is one of my favorite cities. I hope to come back next year, ”said Roger. It should be noted that he only appeared for the fourth time in his career before the match and still has never refused to continue the game after the start of the match. At the same time, Federer has already played 1,465 official matches.


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