Manchester City and the PSG say they do not want to sign Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is still approaching Barça, although the Barça club is still cautious. After announcing that he will be leaving Atletico Madrid on July 1, Griezmann approaches a Barça who can offer him the same conditions he rejected a year ago.

Yesterday, two of the clubs that could also have tried to sign it, were unmarked. "Griezmann can play in any team in the world but for us it is not a real possibility. We have other priorities and we have to start strengthening the defense," said PSG German coach Thomas Tuchel during the pre-match press conference League against Dijon. But Tuchel still does not know if he will continue on the bench, which could change the stage, as the PSG is the club with more options to shake Barça.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola also said that "in the end of the Copa final against Watford," Barca fans are calm. We will not sign Griezmann. We can not allow him. "


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