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If it went wrong for Sunderland – 19 attractions and other issues that automatically promoted promotion


Where did Sunderland go wrong?

There is a relatively hard statement or a question to be considered because the club is fourth in the league table after only losing four games each season. Taking into account how long the club came in 12 months – from two consecutive releases and about to be administered until a club is being rebuilt under new ownership – it may be the season is fully labeled, especially when promoted through shows that there may still be shows.

But questions need to be asked because the Black Cats are all involved from the start – the new owners, manager Jack Ross, showed the players and fans – that they should be making automatic promotions.

And while it is focused on the status of the club, the bill of wages and other such things are being used as a stick by outside people to promote the club with automatic promotion automatically from the table , those closer to the club can appreciate the interior that issues have affected the club this season.

Here we look closer at what went wrong for Sunderland and why they lost automatic promotions.

A slow start

There was a huge reconstruction of the summer squad under Jack Ross.

In total, 11 players left the club (13 if included Papy Djilibodji and Didier Ndong, which had never returned before the season and whose contracts had been canceled). To do this, 11 players also arrived.

With a new manager who has new ideas and such a new squad, there is probably little wonder that they need a little time.

They made a good start to this open day at the Stadium of Light against Charlton to start momentum for achieving their goal of winning supporters, but issues remained to be resolved.

In their first 11 games, Sunderland had drawn five and lost one. It was only 2 October and Sunderland had already left 13 points – six points now absent.

Too much draws

Perhaps the easiest issue of the season is identification.

19 game drawn by Sunderland this season – is far too big.

Although it is certain that it will only lose four times in a season, the New Ross side would certainly be better served by less than half of those 19 and losing the rest.

Nine wins and ten defenses would give a total of 27 points – eight of the 19 they won from drawings, and again enough to bring them over Luton in the league table.

But why did Sunderland pull too many games?

Falling behind often

As well as the slow start to the season, Sunderland has also had slow slow starters in games.

They acknowledged 17 goals this season in 30 minutes open game more than any other team in the seven highest, except Charlton who also gave obedience 17.

And the costing is expensive at first. Even though Sunderland was praised earlier in the season for their character shown as often coming back, he eventually did not move in almost enough points.

In total, Sunderland fell behind in 17 games this season.

Only three of these were affected, but only five of them turned completely around and finished with Sunderland and the three points.

The other nine times the Black Cats fell behind the games in games ended the towing and thus fell two points.

Lack of accessibility

Even though Sunderland has fallen too often in games, they have often not participated in games to give up their leadership.

Another big issue for Sunderland is this term without being ruthless enough and not holding the results.

In total, Sunderland lost 21 points from a winning position – only nine times when he was in charge in a game (thus falling two points in each of those games). It was the first time they lost a game at Fleetwood Town the first time they lost a previous game, but again the case was that Sunderland went up and didn't get a second goal before punish him.

This was a particular issue in the last three games against Peterborough, Portsmouth and Fleetwood. Sunderland was in charge in all three games that only the first two to pull and then lost his side Joey Barton.

Just as those three games one side saw Ross seven points. If they were going on and they won all three they would be 92 points now, two points above Luton.

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Protected perfumes

In assessing the Sunderland season, the obvious weaknesses of Sunderland at the back cannot be ignored.

The Black Cats managed to reach 45 goals in 45 game this season – only Portsmouth and Peterborough in the seven highest were engaged more.

They only managed to keep 13 clean sheets and most goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin was grateful.

In summary, Sunderland's defense never looked comfortably and he always looked at one or two mistakes.

Jack Baldwin and Tom Flanagan
Jack Baldwin and Tom Flanagan

It has never been the case that seasons have a tendency to protect early pieces because Sunderland's lack of attention has been repeated.

It has not helped New Ross to truly recognize what is his strongest defense. Luke founded Nien himself as the first choice back despite the fact that he started the season as a midfielder, but rotated the middle hearts and the left backs countless times during the season.

Losing Josh Maja in January

No matter how people would like to dress it, Sunderland is a huge blow to losing Josh Maja in January, or not to replace it adequately.

No one especially blamed this – well, maybe Maja and his agent.

The owners of Sunderland found a situation with Maja who left little control over the situation.

Sunorland's Josh Maja celebrates after his score
Josh Maja from Sunderland

Some may argue that Maja should wait until the end of the season, but you could argue that he would be so willing to stay in the first half of the season.

And for fairness, Sunderland tried to replace it when it was gone. On paper, prolific Series One broadcaster in Will Grigg – has been promoted from League One in four of the last five seasons – the signature was fantastic. However, football is not played on paper, and the impact of Maja on Grigg, which was short of exercise and ankle injury, was not the same.

The lessons from this Grigg transfer will certainly be learned – particularly in relation to the research and medical side of translated deals.

It is a great miss Maja and her clinical clinic may have earned several points Sunderland since it fell out.

Punished for its own success

Sunderland, on paper, was one of the strongest squad, unlike it, in League One this season.

But this could also be harmful.

It was a very busy season, with little time to stop and stop it. His success in Checkatrade Trophy had a great day out at Wembley for supporters, but they still created more congestion with games that needed rescheduling on the way.

And with a strong squad he is visited internationally and twice Sunderland has had to cancel games because of calls.

Fleetwood has a Tuesday night as an example of a person who was originally involved in March, with only a quick grip in April.

Due to running a Check-Trade Trophy and other rescheduled games, Sunderland began in April and knew that there were eight games to play that month. It is vital.

Unveiling of the Roker End plugin at Wembley Stadium
Unveiling of the Roker End plugin at Wembley Stadium

They began with two good beats to bounce back from Wembley's heartbreak but it became clear that the tormented month went on at the end of a long hard season on Sunderland.

With little time to prepare between games, Doncaster was the only game in the last sixth to win Sunderland (their only six-day match). They are 16th in the form table in the final six games and have given four goals for the past 20 minutes of these games.

April would always be a critical year for Sunderland – whether or not you will die. Unfortunately for Sunderland it was the second one.

However, if there is a positive one, they will have at least one week to prepare for the first stage of the play, five days to prepare for a second leg and, if they put them forward, they should prepare nine days for the first time. championship at Wembley.

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Will Sunderland be promoted in the games?


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