Sport Football, What's in the Action Plan to Fight Homophobia

Football, What's in the Action Plan to Fight Homophobia


On the occasion of the world day against homophobia, Friday, May 17, Nathalie Boy de la Tour, president of the Professional Football League (LFP) announced Monday, May 13, a " action plan " to fight against homophobia in stadiums.

The plan co-developed by the League, as well as associations and club (SOS homophobia, Foot Ensemble, PanamBoyz), invites "Captains, coaches, match delegates, umpires to wear a rainbow-colored armband", LGBT symbol (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), on the lawns of Ligue 2, Friday 17 and those of Ligue 1, Saturday, May 18th.

Action plan

"It's not just the display on shoes (the L1 and L2 players had worn rainbow laces in 2014 and 2016, Ed), not just an armband, it's a whole panel of 'actions and awareness' which will be put in place, pleaded Bertrand Lambert, president of PanamBoyz & Girlz United, a Parisian football club "Inclusive".

Gay Games, inclusive sport

The plan will also include a repressive component because, he says, "At some point (it is necessary) to know how to whistle the end of the recreation and to pronounce sanctions against those who continue to rot the atmosphere in the stadiums. "

The League will also "Set up a report card as soon as next season, which will allow any spectator to report a discriminating act or insults"whether racist, sexist or homophobic, according to its president.

A record fine

In May, the disciplinary commission of the LFP imposed a fine of 10 000 € to the club of Grenoble (L2) for a "Injurious banner", while Lens (L2) was sanctioned by a suspended private session for "Homophobic songs" and € 50,000 fine, a record amount.

"These fines do not fall into the void, they serve to do prevention work", including funding training for fans, Bertrand Lambert noted.

Antoine Griezmann talks about homosexuality in football

On Tuesday 14 May in the Infra Red on France 2, the world champion Antoine Griezmann, who has just announced his departure from Atlético de Madrid, is the only player in activity to have agreed to speak on the subject to television.

The omerta of homosexuality in football

He testifies in the documentary directed by Yoann Lemaire, known for being the first French footballer to openly talk about his homosexuality. Facing the camera, he explained what he would do if one of his teammates announced his homosexuality. "I would encourage him to be proud and happy. I think it could open the door to others and I would do anything to be around him and show that it's normal. "

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