Makoto Hasebe counted out loud to five. Looking to the future, the Eintracht professional said: "I hope we still have five games this season." Three in the core business of the Bundesliga, and two in the Europa League – that is the desired program of the Japanese in the final lap. To actually achieve the maximum goal of full employment in two competitions and to move into the final of the Europa League on 29 May in Baku, the Frankfurt will have to decide next Thursday at Stamford Bridge in London the second leg for themselves. They will not miss the 1-1 draw against Chelsea in the first semi-final match of the Europa League.

"We have to score almost two goals to win the game," said Eintracht head coach Adi Hütter late Thursday even. A 1-0 would indeed be enough for the Hesse in fourth-placed Premier League. But that the English top club, who defeated Slavia Prague 4: 3 in the home game in the round before, can always be trusted, Hütter also knows after the strong performance of the English in Frankfurt. "Chelsea remains the big favorite," he emphasized.

The Austrians do not want to be misunderstood when assessing their own chances of success, he wants to once again achieve great things with his team against a footballing giant. "Even after our 0-0 home win against Inter Milan, no one believed that we could win there. We have to go to London with confidence and courage. For the second leg we have kept all options open "- this message, which was a challenge to the opponent, Hütter addressed to his players and valued the hard-fought draw as an" absolute respect victory against a top team ".

And Maurizio Sarri, the Italian head coach of Chelsea, expects in the second showdown with a very convinced opponent, who will fight hard, so that the dream of the final will come true for him. He also has "great respect" for the away performances of Eintracht in the competition, Sarri said. "We have earned this respect," said his colleague Hütter. "Maurizio Sarri, as an Italian, has seen us play in Milan." At Stamford Bridge, Ante Rebic, suspended for the first semi-final match, will be back in the game. And even with the injured striker Sebastien Haller Hütter hopes for his return to the team.

Coach Adi Hütter: "We showed passion from the back."

Yesterday Benfica Lisbon and Milan, today Chelsea. In many ways a special opponent in the twelfth international game of concord. For this festive occasion, the Frankfurt CEOs wore extraordinary black shoes. On the left one white "12" was to be seen, on the right stood: "Adlerträger".

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