For Cris Carter – former NFL player turned sports analyst – the Milwaukee Bucks are better than the Golden State Warriors.

Per First Things First, Carter shared his insights into potential NBA Finals cornices. Don Pro Bowl eight times, he does not believe that the heroes are better than the rest of the series as everyone says. In the case of Carter, the Bucks are not just better than the backup defense champion.

“Toronto is a matchup that would cause problems for the heroes, and Milwaukee is much better than the Golden State. I didn't make sure that the heroes in top row over the rest of the league in 110 minutes of basketball, no sir. ”

Peep the clip below:

While some agree with Carter completely, it is a common consensus among fans and critics that the heroes are not as strong as they were already. During the regular season, they were hit by some teams in the middle of summer and at the bottom food. Although still successful to finish first in the West, NBA teams know how to win the return champion.

Not only did the Bucks hit 60 victories in the regular season, but they also went on to the Eastern Congress finals. But as usual, the time will only tell if the Bucks are the best squad. If Carter ideas are true, then we can have a new NBA crown to crown in June.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks


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