Bucks Charles Barkley pledges $ 45K to Malcolm Brogdon charity

Charles Barkley pledges $ 45K to Malcolm Brogdon charity


Charles Barkley may not have known about dumps being diving during his playing days, but he probably made one of his greatest on Saturday night.

Milwaukee guard guard Malcolm Brogdon received a commitment from Barkley for his initiative to bring clean water to East Africa.

In the appearance of the Inside The NBA set after the 2 Bucks ’win over the Norwegians, Brogdon explained about his Hoops2o initiative. The guard mentioned a 26 year old point that clean water wells are currently being built in East Africa and Tanzania.

“Every summer I go over there, I can raise money through the season. I have four men in the NBA who are helping me to raise money on different teams, and I'm just trying to collect as much money as I can to build wells, ”said Brogdon on Friday.

On hearing the story, Barkley quickly said he will give $ 45,000 – that is to build a fountain cost.

It was undoubtedly a class act by Charles Barkley, and Malcolm Brogdon's mixed interpretation and delight when he heard that the NBA legend is giving his whole reason.

We hope that Sir Charles' action would encourage the current and former NBA players to participate in the initiative.

Mike Budenholzer, Bucks


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