NFL 3 early goals for Cleveland Browns running back Kareem...

3 early goals for Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt


Kareem Hunt represented one of the great acquisitions for this season of Cleveland Browns, but, of course, it comes with a significant caveat that it will lose the first eight games in the 2019 campaign due to suspension.

However, the Browns knew how they were when they signed Hunt, with Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson also in the background, more depth than they were going back to compensate for their absence.

We know that it is one of the best halfway in the league when Hunt is on the pitch.

After all, he made up to 1,327 yards and eight prizes and an average 4.9 yards a year during his rookie year with the Kansas City Chiefs, and three 11 games before the controversy surrounding last season a total of 824. yards and seven score and recorded 4.6 yards per effort.

Just imagine what Hunt can bring to Browns content that is already loaded as.

Here are three goals for the 23-year-old for getting into the next season.

Kareem Hunt, Browns

3. Patient Waiting

Hunt will find it difficult to watch his colleagues for the first eight games of the year, but he must realize that he will be entitled to return halfway with eight full games (as well as possible play). show his things.

Hunt is in the heart of attention to offense and certainly thought he would present much more now at this point of his career, but he must live with the consequences of his actions, which means he will have to wait a little while before he can officially return to the pitch.

The key to Hunt is not to discourage his free time, as there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is only 23 years old, and as long as he stays straight and narrow, he will have plenty of time to make a successful career.

2. I understand that it is not the Focal Point

Blas got a taste of this last year as he played with Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce, but at the very least, the Chief Executive had 1 short term. This will not be so in Cleveland.

Chubb is in line with a great rookie campaign and is likely to have the role back even when Hunt returns, and Johnson is not joke from the backyard.

Kareem Hunt

Plus, the likes of the Browns with Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, and David Njoku in the passing game, so there will be a choice of options at Baker Mayfield.

Hunt must understand that it will be quite limited as far as it goes, because Cleveland is very much deep everywhere on offense.

Basically, it must be set aside.

1. Stay out of trouble

This is the main key not only for 2019, but for Hunt's generally moving on.

The reason for the suspension of eight Hunt games was a video that showed him an attack on an outside woman's Cleveland hotel in February 2018. The Hunt Commanders released immediately, and his NFL career was in jeopardy.

Of course, the Browns have a second chance, and Hunt must be grateful and understand, although often given a second chance, the third chance is not as common.

As mentioned earlier, there is only a 23 year old Hunt, so he is still a child and has plenty of space to grow. We hope that this whole mess will end as a valuable lesson for him in the future.

Brian Burns, Panthers


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