Week 10 NFL Score Predictions: A Guide to the Best Games, Fantasy Help and More

Week 10 NFL Score Predictions: A Guide to the Best Games, Fantasy Help and More

We're previewing the Week 10 NFL table of results predictions for each game from our nation reporters, which you need to keep in mind, Football Power Index projections from ESPN Stats & Information, and more.

Thursday night football result: PIT 52, AUTO 21
Teams with Byes in Week 10: DEN, MIN, BAL, HOU

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Point distribution: NE -6.5 | Matchup Quality: 67.2 (out of 100)

Mike Reiss & # 39; selection: The Patriots have had 22 touchdowns this season with 34 trips into the red zone, with a percentage of 64.7 TD placing them in 11th place in the NFL. And the Titans # D only allowed seven touchdowns in 22 areas in the red zone, a 31.8 percent share rating as the best in the NFL. So there is a good chance that this game will enter the red zone. New Zealand coordinator Josh McDaniels, Tom Brady & Co. will be the most creative. Patriots 27, Titans 17

Turron Davenport's selection: The Titans' offenses showed a lifetime of 28 points on Monday, a season high. The defense of the Patriots gives 22.4 points per game and most points come against (13.3) when the game is out of reach in the second half. If the Titans reach the end zone early and can keep the game tight, they have a chance. Brady and the Patriots score an average of 30 points per game, while the Tennessee defense allows an NFL top score of 17.6. There has to be something. Patriots 28, Titans 24



Darren Woodson and Tedy Bruschi believe that the Patriots will overwhelm the Titans with all their offensive threats.

FPI profit projection: NE, 62.4 percent. The Titans are the # 1 defensive defenders this season, but are not ranked in the overall QBR (11th) or Defense (13th) rankings. According to the FPI, the Patriots make the seventh attack and the fifth defense a favorite on the road.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: The Titans have been very good this season against the second half, but the way James White is used by the Patriots still makes him a very interesting case. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: NO -5.5 | Matchup Quality: 65.1 (out of 100)

Mike Tripletts choice: This has everything that requires a "trap game" or an emotional crash for the saints after three consecutive intense encounters. This will actually be the first one o'clock. Sunday game for New Orleans since week 3, and it's out in cold weather against an unknown opponent who can earn points. Nevertheless, it is impossible to speak out against the saints, since this offense is so imprisoned and Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara set up a "triplets" season for eternity. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Saints have achieved 58 percent of their rides this season, which would be the highest rate for a team in 15 years. Saint 29, Bengals 24

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Katherine Terrell's Choice: This is not a good match for the Bengals without Vontaze Burfict, A.J. Green, Darqueze Dennard and Nick Vigil. Having two startline backers is not a good sign for a defense that has hit the last few games hard, especially when it comes to stopping the run. Now the unit has to stop Kamara and Brees. The Bengalis need their offense to keep up with the saints, who have no problem scoring points quickly. While the secondary education of New Orleans is exploitable, this will be difficult to achieve without Green. It is possible that the saints may have fired themselves after a big game against the Rams, but it is hard to imagine that their attack on the Bengals will not be arbitrary. Saints 38, Bengals 24

FPI profit projection: NO, 52.8 percent. Brees enters the week with 84.5 total QBR, finishing second behind Patrick Mahomes (85.1). Against a Bengals defense that occupies the fifth-lowest rank this season in the total of QBR (63.5), he could certainly improve that.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: John Ross, one of the league's fastest players, could return a value as a WR3 option on a single deep pass. According to matchup metrics, the Saints have awarded players 14.4 percent more Fantasy Points per game than any other team. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: KC -16.5 | Matchup Quality: 49.8 (out of 100)

Josh Weinfuss & # 39; Selection: It's not about whether the cardinals win or lose. It's just a question of how much they will lose. The Cardinals give an average of 24.9 points per game, while the Chiefs average 36.3 points. This is the recipe for a high-scoring game for Kansas City, though Arizona still scored significant points and yards as the Chiefs have one of the worst defense lines in the NFL. They are allowed in 31st of the allowed yards and 32nd in yards per game. The Cardinals were able to deliver their best offensive performance of the season and still blow out. Chiefs 38, Cardinals 24

Adam Teicher's selection: The Chiefs quietly play a good defense at Arrowhead Stadium. They allow 18.5 points per game in their four arrowhead appearances, which is fifth-best for home teams in the league. The offensively challenged Cardinals, who are last in the League of Leagues and have only scored 18 points this season, can keep up with the high-ranking Chiefs. This is especially true when played in Kansas City. Chiefs 34, Cardinals 16



Darren Woodson and Tedy Bruschi criticize the Chiefs' defense, but believe the Cardinals will not be a contest for them.

FPI profit projection: KC 93.8 percent. According to FPI, the Chiefs are 94 percent favorites, the biggest favorite in all games this season. According to FPI, the last time a team was so favored was the Broncos in the 6th week of 2013 over the Jaguars.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Could it be a big second half for Larry Fitzgerald? Well, the matchup is good in week 10. Read more.

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Point distribution: IND -3 | Matchup Quality: 49.3 (out of 100)

Mike DiRocco's selection: Expect a heavy dose of Leonard Fournette as the Jaguars attempt to return to the onslaught on power that they could not produce without him. That probably means more than 20 touches for Fournette, which slows down the game and (theoretically) opens up something for Blake Bortles. The Jaguars have scored at least 136 yards in five of their last six games against the Colts, including 188 in Indianapolis without Fournette last season. However, the biggest matchup is the jaguars' pass against a Colts offensive that has not bagged since October 4. According to ESPN Stats & Information Research, the Jaguars are leading the league, but have only 19 bags to show. They have to come home against Andrew Luck, otherwise they lose their fifth consecutive place. Colts 17, Jaguars 14

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Mike Wells & # 39; Selection: The Colts win a two-game winning streak and the Jaguars drive with four games. The Jaguars have won four of their last five meetings with their colleagues from AFC South. Bortles, who went into the bench during his week-7 loss to Houston, is 88 out of 133 (66 percent) for 1,147 yards with six touchdowns and no interruption in their last four encounters with the Colts. The last thing the Colts can afford is to get behind the Jaguars early on, as this will prepare for the Jacksonville passport, which had ten bags on its last trip to Indianapolis in October 2017. Jaguars 27, Colts 20

FPI profit projection: IND, 67.8 percent. The Jacksonville defense has taken a step down especially in the last season. In the last four games (since week 5), the Jaguars have registered a total of 79.9 QBR, the highest in the league. In the same period, Luck is seventh in the league with 76.5 Total QBR.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Jalen Ramsey will probably shadow T.Y. Hilton throughout the Week-10 contest. The Jaguars have a league-low-minus-2.5-adjusted fantasy point allowed to enemy WR1s. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: CHI -6.5 | Matchup Quality: 48.0 (out of 100)

Michael Rothstein's Pick: The Lions offensive gave 10 bags in week 9 and allowed 17 quarterback hits. Defending the Bears might be as good in the first seven as in Minnesota, and coordinator Vic Fangio has figured out how to create disagreements and enforce some big problems. Then, the Chicago attacks, based on the different running styles of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, all blame the causes of Lions problems throughout the season. This does not look like a match for Detroit on paper and will not be on the pitch. Bears 28, Lions 21

Jeff Dickerson's selection: Chicago is at the top of most defensive statistical categories, including take-aways (21, second-highest). The Bears' offense can be contained, but the defense is likely to cause Detroit all sorts of problems, especially if Khalil Mack is likely to return. Bears 24, Leo 16



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson are both of the opinion that the Bears will defend their home field and beat the Lions in Week 10.

FPI profit projection: CHI 75.6 percent. According to FPI, the Bears are by far the # 1 defensive efficiency in week 10. They are at 75.2 (on a scale of 0 to 100) – no other team is even at 70. The Bears are also leading the league in opposing Total QBR at 46.3, while the nearest team is the Broncos at 52.0 holds.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Kerryon Johnson is a fast-paced race that can take advantage of defenses by storming out of the duels, but Chicago is not a defense that fights in this regard. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: ATL -4 | Matchup Quality: 30.3 (out of 100)

Vaughn McClure's selection: The Falcons are making three straight wins at the right time, and Matt Ryan, who has 19 touchdowns and just three interceptions, is playing at MVP level. As long as the hawks do not fall victim to Brown's tendency to generate sales (ranked 23 in the rankings), they should often score. The Falcons have moved 69.2 percent of their chances in the red zone, which is in seventh place in the league. Falcons 35, Browns 17

See: Baker Mayfield
PM: Patrick Mahomes
Clock: Matthew Stafford
Watch: Josh Rosen

Pat McManamon's selection: The Browns are moving from a potent Kansas City attack to a strong Falcons attack that has more weapons than the Chiefs, at least in terms of safety Damarious Randall. Consider this game in the current situations of the teams. The Browns play one season and develop a quarterback, and they have injuries in defense. The Falcons simply can not afford to lose such a game if they want to go to the playoffs. Falcons 31, Browns 20

FPI profit projection: ATL 68.1 percent. Since starting in the fourth week, Baker Mayfield has achieved a total QBR of 32.6, ahead of Eli Manning and Sam Darnold during that period. He will try to improve this against a Falcons defense, which according to FPI is the fourth lowest defense efficiency.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: The Falcons' defensive defenses play in what Cleveland does offensively, a good sign for Mayfield in week 10. Read more.

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Point distribution: TB -3 | Matchup Quality: 20.9 (out of 100)

John Keim's choice: This could be one of the Redskins' hardest-to-predict games, as nobody knows what the offensive line will be like when three starters are missing. What is the influence on Adrian Peterson? The Redskins can run in different ways to match their attack to what the new linemen are doing well. But for Washington, the key is simple: making headway. The Redskins did not follow suit in their victories; They have not led to their losses. Tampa is ranked 19th in yards per carry, but is ranked number 23 in this area, so Washington has to benefit here. The Redskins have this ability to respond when it looks grim, and it looks grim. Redskins 24, Buccaneers 23

Jenna Laines choice: For the past four weeks, Bucs players have called these games "must-win", but they are Really in crunch time now at 3-5. Their defense could not stop anyone, and they have now completed five games without producing a single interception (the worst in the league in this division). Alex Smith will not just spend that. So this is really on the back of an attack, averaging 27.75 points per game, and Tampa Bay can not afford another slow start to week 10. Redskins 24, Buccaneers 21



Darren Woodson and Tedy Bruschi break week 10 match between the Buccaneers and the Redskins.

FPI profit projection: TB 54.3 percent. Smith arrives this season with a gross total of 50.7 QBR, including 45.1 since the Redskins-Bye, the sixth-worst in the league in that span. Buccaneer defense should be the remedy, as they have allowed this season a 73.6 QBR leading QBR this season, which exceeds 70+ in six out of eight games this season.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: This Redskins defense has allowed more than 300 yards of passing to three out of five opposing opponents (and an average of 22.4 QB Fantasy points in these five games). There are many reasons to believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be able to enjoy another 20-point day at Week 10. Read more.

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Point distribution: NYJ -7 | Matchup Quality: 13.5 (out of 100)

Mike Rodak's choice: The last time Josh McCown competed against the Bills at the MetLife Stadium, a 34-21 jets win last November, his total QBR (85.5) was the fifth highest of his 95-year career. McCown did not throw a pick six last season, while Bills quarterbacks this season (three) threw as many as they have a touchdown. Jets 20, bills 13

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Rich Cimini's selection: The Jets go from Brock Osweiler to Nathan Peterman (maybe), who makes more sales than Pillsbury. If the defense can not end their three-game drought, then something is seriously wrong. McCown has not played a regular game for 337 days, but his wit and wit will overcome the rust and make the jets ugly when they go to their Bye week. Jets 12, bills 6

FPI profit projection: NYJ 71.8 percent. Regardless of which quarterback plays for one of the two teams, the jets will be a strong favorite thanks to their defense. New York is in third place in defensive efficiency this season, while the Bills in the FPI data are the biggest offense in terms of efficiency (since the beginning of the 2008 season).

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: In the rare game, where both defensive units are strong streaming contenders, both offenses have a largely inappropriate quarterback game this season. Continue reading.

If you missed it: The injured Darnold could benefit from a role reversal … Stat for Stat, Bill's offense towards NFL infamy

Point distribution: LAC -10 | Matchup Quality: 39.4 (out of 100)

Eric D. Williams & # 39; Selection: The Chargers must defend themselves against complacency by turning their AFC West rivals into two-digit favorites. With the Raiders admitting a 144.5-yard yard battle per league, Melvin Gordon is expected in this race as the Chargers seek to claim their sixth win in a row. Chargers 30, Raiders 23

Paul Gutierrez's selection: In his last three meetings with the Raiders, Chargers QB Philip Rivers has thrown a total of 994 yards and six touchdowns without interception, while he completed 83.3 percent of his passes. The defense of Oakland allows NFL-worst 6.8 yards per game and is more of an expansion team than a contender. Chargers 34, Raiders 13



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson like the stray Los Angeles Chargers over the Oakland Raiders on Week 10.

FPI profit projection: LAC 75.4 percent. The Chargers are a big favorite on the road and are expected to win 75 percent of FPI's time. The last time the Chargers were such a big FPI favorite on the road came in week 6 of 2014, even against the Raiders.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Week 9 was not the best outing for the Chargers' stars from a fantasy point of view, but their caps should be much higher in a matchup against the Raiders defense, which in almost every way is a sieve. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: LAR -10 | Matchup Quality: 67.9 (out of 100)

Brady Henderson's selection: The Seahawks nearly knocked the Rams off the rams in the fifth week as they rushed for 190 yards in the season and won the sales bout 2-0. This winner formula will be difficult to replicate in the rematch, as Chris Carson with his sore hip and right guard D.J. Fluker has a calf injury. You are probably the two most important members of a running game that bothers the Rams the best. Rams 31, Seahawks 24

Lindsey Thiry's selection: The Rams have their first defeat of the season behind them, they have a clean bill and will be very motivated to close the Seahawks after allowing Seattle five weeks ago. The Rams' attacks continue to shoot all cylinders behind Todd Gurley, who leads the league in terms of haste and touchdowns. Rams 34, Seahawks 24

FPI profit projection: LAR 76.9 percent. While the Rams are essentially a barrier to the playoffs, according to FPI, week 10 will depend on a lot for the Seahawks. Seattle would have a 50 percent chance of winning the playoffs with a win and a 24 percent chance of losing. Only the NFC East teams competing on Sunday night will hit their playoff chances this weekend.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Cooper Kupp technically has a tough match against Justin Coleman, but he was not slowed down in the first meeting when Kupp caught six of eight goals for 90 yards and a touchdown on just 23 routes. Continue reading.

If you missed it: Rams' Super Bowl or Bust season relies on defense … why Wright has all sorts of incentives for a strong ending by 2018

Point distribution: GB -10 | Matchup Quality: 45.9 (out of 100)

Cameron Wolfe's selection: It's not often that a team with a winning record is a double-digit underdog against a team with a lost record. However, this is because Miami has done little to prove it can compete with elite quarterbacks. The Dolphins lead the NFL with 15 interceptions, but as Adam Gase said, "Aaron Rodgers is a bit different from Sam Darnold." Miami just does not have the incentive to compete at home with a desperate Green Bay team. Packer 31, dolphins 16

Rob Demovsky's choice: The packers should recover after the consecutive road losses at Rams and Patriots, but that only means something if they achieve a consistent performance. They have no age, and if they want the next two games, a short week in Seattle and Minnesota, a chance, they have to gain momentum on Sunday. Packer 23, Dolphins 13



Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson predict the Packers will beat the injured dolphins in Week 10.

FPI profit projection: GB, 82.0 percent. Rodgers takes 19th place in the NFL in Total QBR (58.0) and has not even reached 65 Total QBR this season. Since Rodgers was hired as a starter in 2008, he has posted at least 60 Total QBR each season.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: We can accompany Xavien Howard on Sunday with Davante Adams. Howard is a decent young corner, but far from having a dominant presence. Continue reading.

If you missed it: Packers & # 39; fight & # 39; Feels different than in the past … More from Rookie WR could help Packers

Point distribution: PHI -7 | Matchup Quality: 56.4 (out of 100)

Todd Archer's selection: In the last two matches of these teams in Philadelphia, the Cowboys (2016) and Eagles (2017), who already had a home advantage in the playoffs, were at stake. But now the season in Dallas could be going very well. The key will be his line of attack. It has to get Ezekiel Elliott up and running. In five out of eight games, Elliott has not reached 80 meters. He just had two games with less than 80 yards in his first two seasons. Philadelphia have second run defense, and the Cowboys will be operating for the first time this season with another left-wing guard. Eagles 27, Cowboys 17

Tim McManus & # 39; selection: The reunion week did not release the Eagles from their injury problems. Cornerbacks Sidney Jones and Jalen Mills are unlikely to play. Darren Sproles has struck again and will fall behind. Right Attack by Lane Johnson is slated to go through a Level 2 MCL sprain. What they plan to do is rest and an extra week in which the coaching staff prepares for a Dallas team that played on Monday night. That should be enough to get past the cowboys, who seem a little disjointed at the moment. Eagles 28, Cowboys 20

FPI profit projection: PHI 73.6 percent. According to FPI, this week's game will no longer have any playoff chances for Cowboys Eagles. The Eagles saw odds of 35 percentage points (70 percent victory, 35 percent loss) and Cowboys 28 percent (34 percent victory, 6 percent loss). These are the two most likely variations in Week 10.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Amari Cooper found the endzone in his Dallas debut and is well prepared for a big follow-up in week 10. The orbital corners of Philadelphia have difficulties throughout the season. Continue reading.

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Point distribution: SF -3 | Matchup Quality: 25.2 (out of 100)

Jordan Raanan's choice: The Giants are coming for a week, so this should work to their advantage. Coach Pat Shurmur's offense in Minnesota scored 38 points last season before leaving Washington for a total of over 400 yards. This is Eli Manning's last stand at the Giants. He had several meetings with Shurmur over the weekend, who only declared him starter for Week 10. Manning has enough against a mediocre 49er defense, which allows 248.9 yards per game. Giants 28, 49ers 24

Nick Wagoner Pick: Last week Niners quarterback Nick Mullens enlightened the Raiders to a great extent because he was able to stand in his pocket with his anemic pass rush. What can he do for an encore? Well, the Giants are not much better for quarterbacks (31st place in the NFL in sacks and 25th pressure percentage), which means that Mullens should have plenty of time to play enough to give the Niners their first winning streak of the season and theirs to deliver sixth home win in a row on Monday night football. 49ers 24, Giants 20

FPI profit projection: 55.9 percent. The Giants (11 percent) and 49ers (9 percent) will take first place on Monday night with the third and fourth best chances, according to the FPI. Whichever team wins, chances would drop below 5 percent, while losers would have a 15 percent chance.

What you should pay attention to in your imagination: Both Mullens and Manning seem to be worthy streamer in Week 10. The 49ers have allowed the ninth Fantasy points per game for QBs (19.4), while the Giants have spent 17.1 for opposing passers-by. Continue reading.

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