Tuchel and Paris Saint-Germain: knockout game in the toilet bowl

Tuchel and Paris Saint-Germain: knockout game in the toilet bowl
  • Paris Saint-Germain threatens this Tuesday at SSC Naples the early exit in the Champions League.
  • Coach Tuchel could then meet the unique fate that he flies out of Paris, although he dominates the championship with his team so far totally.

By Oliver Meiler, Naples

There are stadiums that bear their ugliness, their chilling inhospity with pride. The San Paolo stadium in Naples, out in Fuorigrotta, is one of them: more sweaty than the Galata temple owned by the city. Even after the recent "Restyling", as they call it in Naples, the San Paolo is an arena from another, more commercial time. Sympathetic unfashionable, but not very nice. The president of the SSC Napoli, the Roman film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis, who has to rent the stadium at the community expensive, calls it quite frankly "un cesso", which is translated here to preserve the elegance with "loo".

On this Tuesday evening, the blasierter king class guest in the toilet bowl. The San Paolo is expecting a club that tries hard to connect football with glamor and sends its stars on the Parisian catwalk: the financially inflated and inflated Paris Saint-Germain. The Emir from Doha, who bought the club seven years ago, always wanted to be big in Europe so that Qatar would glitter and become an address. Softpower is the name of the game. The Emir once had a maximum of five years to establish himself at the top of Europe with PSG.

Tuchel's schoolboys are supposed to cram more

The German coach has a problem: His football seems to Paris Paris too good and obscene. He could soon face a final in the Champions League.

By Birgit Schönau

more …

For prominent personnel, he spent so much money that it broke all the rules of financial fair play. But he got away with it, because, well, apparently always high football officials can be found that can be charmed by the sirens of the Gulf. Two of the world's five best footballers today, Brazilian Neymar and Frenchman Kylian Mbappé, play for Paris – not because it would be a lot of fun to play football in everyday life. In the national championship, which did not record very high Ligue 1 , PSG plays only against itself. In the current season, the top favorite after twelve matchdays is still there with no loss of points: twelve wins, 36 counters. Goal difference plus 34. The runner-up is 11 points behind, and winter has not even begun.

Does the Ligue 1 challenge the high-flyers too little?

No, Neymar, Mbappé & Co. play at PSG because they make crazy money and share the ambition of the Emir. They really want to outgrow France. In the Champions League.

The deadline of five years has long expired, further than the quarter-finals of the Champions League you have never brought. But now plays on Tuesday evening in Naples already in the group stage against the Einmottung. Okay, the group draw was not exactly merciful, but what self-confidence is there in the motto: "Ici, c'est Paris." If the team loses against the Napoli of the cozy colleague Carlo Ancelotti, after it had already lost 2: 3 at the kick-off at FC Liverpool by Jürgen Klopp and the home game against Naples was only 2: 2 gone, then the Parisian dream probably blows up for this season , This time earlier than ever, even before the knockout phase.

One can then ask if the Emir could not have enough. One can also ask whether the German coach Thomas Tuchel then would have the unique fate that he flies out of Paris, although he dominates the championship with his team so far, as no club has ever done in a major league.

In Europe, however, Tuchel is so far abandoned by its best. The sports paper L'Équipe writes that the much-praised storm with Neymar, Mbappé and Edinson Cavani is "worryingly inefficient" in games against big opponents. It is quite possible that the Ligue 1 does not demand the high-flyers, it even weighs them in false self-belief. In addition, Tuchel courtes his stars.


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