To miss: Kevin Mayer keeps pace

To miss: Kevin Mayer keeps pace

110 sq. Meters: 13 "75

We take the same and start again. Kevin Mayer started the second day of Decastar when he finished the first time. The 110m, French best wishes to achieve their best by reaching 13 "75". It's better than the 14 "02 in Rio in 2016, when France was recorded on France. If Mayer is already running faster (13 "71), he was in Paris but part of a triallon.
To read it, Kevin Mayer turns to 4563 points and 9000 dreams can … even a world record
Alongside Abele of Germany, a European champion in Berlin this summer, Mayer launched his second day perfect, which could exceed the 9000 symbolic mark mark and can be as aims at Ashton's global record. Eaton.

Disposal wear: 50.54m

Regarding the second race of the day and before finding the pole so much, Kevin Mayer showed that it was a great form in Talence again. After the first throw at 46.41m, France went up. At the second attempt he defeated 48.72m before incredible 50.54m on the final trial and trial.

He started in front of the public to urge France to race with the program, Mayer gives the best performance on decathlon during the disc. It is almost 4 meters better than its record of France achieved in Rio in August 2016 when it launched at 46.78m. After seven events and with 6452 points, Argenteuil is native to a small point on the Aston Eaton global record.

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