They ask not to buy tickets to see the Miami Dolphins in order to boycott the protests of players - Univision 23 Miami

They ask not to buy tickets to see the Miami Dolphins in order to boycott the protests of players - Univision 23 Miami

The Palm Beach County and Broward County Police Charity Association issued a statement on its Facebook page, asking its members not to buy tickets to see the Miami Dolphins. As part of the reasons, the document reads official, they claim that the Dolphins, by offering their members discounts to attend the preseason game, committed to represent the National Anthem. However, this never happened during the game. "As a result, the Palm Beach County and Broward PBA will no longer participate in this ticket program, and we are asking all of our members not to participate, if you have already purchased tickets for this game. , we invite you to call the Dolphins box office to request a refund. "NFL Players Challenge TrumpDuring the night of Thursday, August 9, several players from the National Football League (NFL) resumed their protests last year in the first games of the preseason. Some African-American athletes got on their knees, raised their fists or did not enter the field while the US national anthem sounded, in a challenge to President Donald Trump, who in 2017 confronted the players for these protests They began to denounce the police violence against the black community. Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson of the Miami Dolphins knelt during the hymn, while So Robert Quinn stood up and raised his right fist during the team's preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, local channels said. Philadelphia Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins also raised his fist during the pre-game anthem against the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Friday, August 10 in the morning, the president counterattacked in a couple of tweets.
"A football game, which fans are paying a lot of money to see and enjoy, is not a place to protest, most of that money goes to the players anyway, find another way to protest, stand up proudly his National Anthem or that they are suspended without pay! ". In May of 2018, the owners of the American Football League voted to resolve the national anthem debate by eliminating the requirement that players be on the field during the national anthem. In photos: NFL players knelt down in historical protest against TrumpLoading gallery

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