The Abu Dhabi Swimming Pool Wilbrook and Berdy are the Champions

The Abu Dhabi Swimming Pool Wilbrook and Berdy are the Champions

Finish German Florian Wellbrook and Italian Ariana Birdy Abu Dhabi, the eighth round and the World Open World Marathon marathon held today in Abu Dhabi and organized by Abu Dhabi Sports Council in association with the International Federation and with the Emirates Swimming, with the participation of 120 swimming pools and pools.
The 2018 World Championship finished with Dutchman Feri Witerman and Brazilian Ana Marcella who finished the men's championship titles after they went to the end of the season despite the fact that the Dutch podium in Abu Dhabi and the third of Brazil did not compete in the women's competition.
Arif Al Awani, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Sultan Al-Samahi, President of the Emirates Federation, Cronial Marcolisco, International Director of the International Bathing Federation, and Abdullah Al-Wahaibi, Secretary General of the UAE.
Last round
The World Water World World Championship ends today with Cornish Abu Dhabi waters today qualifying before the finals.
The German Florian Wilbrook won the last round in Abu Dhabi after completing the 10km race in once, 53 minutes and 9 parts of the second, the second win of the German swimmer this season, a fraction of the second before the Italian Gregory Paltiniere, who finished the second at 1.53 While Christophe Razovskii became Hungarian third with a time of hours.
Jack Brunel, the top leader of the competition before the Abu Dhabi round, failed to achieve anything during the race and finished the 12th in one of the biggest wonders to lose the title of the world, but he finished the overall stand behind Dutchman Witerman, who finished Abu Dhabi out of the spot.
Women's Championships
In the women's competition, Ariana Berdy of Italy, who won the last season and the last bronze in Abu Dhabi, completed the race at Shepherd Rachel Bruni once again arrived at hours. The Brazilian Ana Marcela won the third and bronze hours. To spend the title of the 2018 World Cup Championship for the fourth time in its history after crown 2010, 2012 and 2014.
On his own, Cronel Marculescu, International Executive's Executive Director, praised the organization of the marathon in Abu Dhabi and the fourth consecutive year, in which Abu Dhabi declares its position and excellence in hosting the event, stressing that The high level of high-tech swimmers and open water pools best reflect the strength of the Abu Dhabi tour as the last round, Achieve the World Championship.
"Abu Dhabi gave a great place and competition and we continued the strong competition for men's and women's titles, although the gap before the final round was expanded and ensured that the Brazilian Marcela championship was just that competition Fierce in front and the third finished the same in the men's Championship, the Olympic Champions Group and the world. "
The success of the event was
On these occasions, Sultan Al Samahi, President of the Bathing Champion, was proud of the success of the event and the great organization of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and stressed that the main preparation for the Hosted a World Championship in 2020 to host the major swimming competitions.
He said the lack of our national team swimmers to take part in Abu Dhabi as a result of a development plan by the technical team to select and equip the talents in the Sunni stages of open water bathing competitions to allow staff to go future competition on the change of technical teams, and try to increase the number of competitions to 3 through new competitions to create new talent discoveries and develop two high-level swimmers who can participate in the world championship.
Florian Wilbrooke, winner of the Abu Dhabi Tour, said he had a strong boost for him at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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