Ugo Mola (coach of Barbarians of France): "For 25 minutes, our players have been astonished and an international team of international team. They have been aware of the international games, this is the way they go. , they left To begin with, we looked at them a bit, with almost three trials. This is a pity, the rugby is a good match that is good for us since the end of the first time and time. , in particular, despite the fact that the tests have been made too easy. However, that is what I miss it. These trials are simply done on addresses, where there is nothing rarely. Tonga lets Find out (…) There is a small power life at the power side, we see the difference between boys and boys ready for development, in this group there are four, five players you will see at a very high level very quickly. "

Thibault Daubagna (French Barbarians scrum half): "We suffered a lot in the first half, especially the first twenty minutes, we were very cold at the physical level and the intensity they put. He went through three tests disability, we had very good values ​​tonight but they step up again The young team, we did not know each other for a long time, we will remember this beautiful second half to think … we did not let anything Let's go and we've got to put together this team, that is what we're doing tonight (…) It is a little bit to organize that we can impose our game, that is The current case is very rare. "


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