MOSCOW, November 10 – RIA News, Vasily Konov, ml. The game of the St Petersburg football club "Zenit" with Artem Dzuba in the form and without it – two big differences today, the famous trainer Sergey Tashuev told Rosti Novosti.
"Zenit" took place Thursday in a group meeting in the European Union group stage draw to "Bordeaux" in France with a score of 1: 1. Dziuba did not participate in the game. On Sunday, "Zenit" will be on the road with CSKA Moscow in the 14th round of Russian championship.
"I think the game will be interesting, but the result is predictable here," said Tashuev on the phone. "Zenith" is two major differences today and without Dziuba. The leader is the leader. leader, and so there is always a leader's loss on the team. Real Madrid is a lively example today.
The interviewers are confident that the team from Neva's banks will not be able to achieve an "easy win". "Zenit" has problems in terms of the game (lack), and should be expected. It seems to me that Zenit (in the game) against Bordeaux was thinking of CSKA, not having some players released and choosing a game for a reliable game in defense, "said Tashuev.
"CSKA has a younger, emotional and more dangerous team. And Zenit has become more experienced and sophisticated in achieving results today. If Zenit is playing more active in the attack phase, the game will be interesting. In this game, the youth and the motivation against a pragmatic football will be ", – concluded Tashuev.


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