Regional associations continue to find no promotion solution for third league

Regional associations continue to find no promotion solution for third league

Dhe master rises. That should at least be the normal case of a sporty promotion and relegation concept. In the transition to professional football between Regionalliga and 3rd League, it remains unclear, however, when and how it comes to a solution in the controversial promotion question. After several hours of discussion on Friday in Hamburg, the Presidium of the German Football Association (DFB) confirmed at least the path taken to play from the season 2020/21 with four regional all-star teams and four newcomers – a solution that satisfies everyone, but it does not seem to give.

In essence, the current strategy provides for a division of the DFB "area". In the area of ​​the former Regionalligen West and Southwest to play two leagues, each determine a newcomer. According to the same principle, the DFB would like to unite the squadrons North, Northeast and Bavaria in such a way that two squadrons emerge there too, out of which two teams rise. In return, would have to descend from the third division four teams. But there is still dissent in these points.

Neither do the regional associations want to reduce the number of squadrons (North, Northeast, Bavaria, West and Southwest) from five to four regional leagues. The third league is still ready to face another relegated (so far three, strategy provides for four). Most likely, the Regionalliga-Nordost must expect a break-up – and divide its club between north and south (Bavaria).

Meanwhile discussed expansion of the 3rd league in two seasons seems from the table. Also from an increase from 20 to 22 third division clubs was the DFB on Friday not talked. As a precautionary measure, the clubs of the 3rd league had protested against these plans at the weekend under the motto "Stand against stagnation", which was especially criticized by DFB President Reinhard Grindel: "One can not always just say what is wrong," said the 57-year-old New Osnabrücker Zeitung: "The regional leagues demand that the champion rises, but want to hold on to five regional leagues. This is especially true of the north and northeast. The third division would like to have only three relegated players. That does not fit together. To find a compromise, all sides must move. "


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