Real Madrid offered 214 million for Mbappé, according to Football Leaks

Real Madrid offered 214 million for Mbappé, according to Football Leaks

The papers published this Wednesday for 'Der Spiegel' on Football Leaks point directly to Real Madrid, Monaco, Jorge Mendes and Kylian Mbappé. According to these information, the white club placed on the table 214 million euros to get the services of the French soccer player. An operation that had previously inflated agent Jorge Mendes, who charged a juicy commission of 9 million euros as a reward. Finally, the soccer player did not play in Madrid but the PSG, a club that matched the offer from the Spanish capital.

It all started with the desire of Monaco to draw a draw with the young striker. According to the documents published, the club of the Principality used Jorge Mendes, who had a very close relationship with Florentino Pérez, president of Madrid, to inflate the price of the operation. The figures reached 180 million euros, to which must be added 34 more in concept of taxes that had to pay Real Madrid. In total, 214 million.

The agreement between clubs was total but at the time of truth the player opted to go to play Paris Saint-Germain, who ended up equalizing the offer with a transfer formula for one year with a subsequent purchase obligation . In this way, Mbappé ended the PSG, the first year as loan and then in exchange for 145 million fixed plus 35 of variables in the case of extending the contract.

Initially it was suspected that the formula was to prevent the PSG from infringing the financial fair-play of UEFA, the same summer that Neymar had signed for 222 million. But in reality, according to Football Leaks, the Paris club wanted to avoid paying a tax on the French property.

Although Mbappé did not finish in Madrid, Jorge Mendes demanded Monaco to charge the promised 9 million euros.

The published documentation also reveals details of the Mbappé contract and some petitions rejected by the club owner of Qatar.

The Mbappé contract

Mbappé agreed to charge an average of 10 million euros per season for five years, the same salary that was promised by Madrid, but asked that his salary be the highest of the squad in the event of being designated Ballon d'Or.

The PSG rejected this condition because it would have allowed the French attacker to surpass the 30 million euros per season charged by Neymar. They finally agreed to a bonus of 500,000 euros free of taxes in case they won the trophy.

The club did not accept the compensation required by Mbappé in the event that the PSG were excluded from the Champions League due to the imbalance in their accounts, nor the 50 hours per year with a private plane that the front was asked for.

Instead, he promised to pay him 30,000 euros a month to help rent and to hire a butler, a driver and an escort.


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