2 Pack 2 Players Badminton Rackets | Durable Super Lightweight 3 Nylon Shuttlecocks and 1 Carrying Bag Badminton Racquet Set


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The racket set includes:2 badminton rackets, 1 nylon carrying bag, 3 pompom resistant badminton balls (you can use it instantly when received).

Racket Design Features:
Light- weight- Light-weight design, light swing feel.
Resistant- Carbon + steel and aluminum design. This superior material makes the racket relatively more durable.
Bomb- Carbon mid-rod design, excellent hitting flexibility.
Stable- The carbon box frame design makes the shot more stable.
Accurate- It’s square head design makes the shot more accurate.
Fast- Low wind resistance cone cover design, increase the flexibility of ball control in front of the net.

Badminton Rackets Specifications:
Color: Blue+ Purple
Weight: 89g +or- 3g
The racket length is: 675MM (26.5 inches)
Distance from the balance point to the bottom of the shaft: 288mm +or-3mm
String tension: 20-22lbs, suitable for beginners or leisure sports enthusiasts
Material: Carbon-aluminum-steel composite frame + high-rigidity carbon fiber (high-elasticity carbon fiber feather racket, light and high strength
Toughness, high hardness, improve hitting power and stability)
Grip size: G4 (if you have different needs for the size of the grip, you can use an over-grip to adjust the size of the grip)

【Features of The Racket Frame】- The fluid-type racket frame effectively reduces the air resistance during swing, improves the torsion resistance to bring agile return speed, and strengthens the control ability. The built-in T-joint technology at the triangle of the racket link makes the racket both powerful and control finely.
【Middle Tube Technology】- The high-rigidity carbon fiber carbon middle tube reduces the shock impact. The racket middle shaft is made of carbon tube material to provide superior rebound force, with a rebound force of 0-35°, which reduces the injury to the wrist during playing.
【Premium Quality】- The Racket frame-new aluminum steel material, light weight and high stability; racket shaft-high rigidity carbon fiber; racket weight 89g, length: 675MM, the handle adopts shock absorption soft protection.
【More Exercise is Healthier】- Badminton play does not limit the venue. You can enjoy sports and entertainment anytime, anywhere! This racket is very suitable for beginners and leisure entertainment. It is suitable for students, families, young people, middle-aged and elderly people, office workers and other groups.


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