Pre-season penalties in the NFL

Pre-season penalties in the NFL

The unjustified absences with their respective teams in the preseason games of defensive players Khalil Mack, of the Oakland Raiders, and Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams could cause them to lose a lot of money.
Both Mack and Donald, who enter the fifth year option in their rookie contracts, could lose $ 814,000 and 405,000, respectively, of salary for each game not played.
Mack did not play tonight with the Raiders, who won their 13-10 field at the Detroit Lions, in the preseason debut for both teams.
While Donald also disputed the meeting that the Rams lost visitors by beating 33-7 against the Baltimore Ravens.
The fines are based on a stipulation in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows a team to cut players' salary on their fifth-year option in case they miss a preseason game.
Mack would win with the Raiders this season 13,846 million in the last year of his contract.
While Donald is scheduled to win with the Rams 6,892 million.
But both players continue making time to get contracts for several seasons before showing up on the field.
The fines are at the discretion of the team and can even be eliminated.
Normally teams do not charge fines when a player finally shows up at the training camp.
Another player who could be subject to fines for not showing up for exhibition matches is Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, but the financial penalty would not be as severe as the players in the fifth-year option.
Thomas can receive a fine of $ 40,000 for each absence on preseason game day.
The Seahawks already played the first, on Thursday, they lost 17-19 to the Indianapolis Colts.


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